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W4R2. Attempt failure. Big Style

So I rested my ankle for 3 days and set off at lunch time for my second run of week 4.

5 minute walk. Doing well. Then Laura tells me to get ready to run. And away.

2 steps. STOP!!!!

Something went a bit wrong in my leg and even walking was not an option.

A collegue had to come and pick me up and take me back to the office.

So now the plan is to rest for a week and then attempt week 3 again to build back up to week 4.

I have an appointment with my Sports injury guru on Friday. I'm sure it will be a painful appointment. But totally worth it.

It's just a set back. No way will it ever be the end.

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Really sorry to hear that. Hope the guru has the answers you seek.

All the best.


Thanks so much.


Ankles are dodgy blighters. When they are new to running they are all mardy and needy. Once you build the buggers up and get the strength of girders they will hold you up a treat and hopefully never let you down again. I had a puffy, flabby pale ankle that was frankly pathethic. Now it's lovely and takes no crap.

You'll soon be back out there raring to go but you have to rest up til a bit. If you are young, and eat healthily, you will repair quicker.

Good luck


Ahh to be young again.

It's great to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is to a future of strong ankles and the open road.


Oh no :( Poor you! Give your ankle time to rest up, or it'll be the same thing again if you pelt out of the door too soon. Go and have a virtual cup of tea with Ancient Mum - she's on the injury bench too. Good luck for the guru session, and may the C25K force be with you.


Thanks for your kind words.


I'm an oldie and heal slower but age is not a barrier. Here's to you getting better and running like hell!



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