Totes Amazeballs!

Score submissions for the third round of the Crossfit Open close today and to my absolute amazement I have scooted up the leaderboard to 2794th Worldwide and 69th in the UK after 3 weeks! Given that last week I was 4777th or thereabouts after a catastrophic week 2 result, I am quite thrilled by this. 2 weeks to go. Will have to wait and see what events they have in store for us this week, but the things I am really terrible at have already been- apart form Handstand pushups, which i also suck at and so are almost guaranteed to feature this week.

I am now going to go and gloat in a most unsportsmanlike manner and have a celebratory smoothie of raw deer liver, egg, BCAA powder and spinach.


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20 Replies

  • Congratulations! Can´t follow all of this, but it sounds great. 69th out of 50m + is definitely something to celebrate. Hope the smoothie went down well!

  • 69th fittest man in UK is pretty cool. And you really only started this lark 18 months ago? Mouth open with admiration and awe!

  • In my age group, not overall, unfortunately. 69th fittest old man, which doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

    but whatever, I'm still happy with it. Going to take the dog out dancing this afternoon.

  • Wooh ooh! Fabbo! Handstand pushups sound like a challenge!

    I'll join you in the eggs and spinach! The spinach in my garden is looking brill ☺ Do you eat the deer very finely minced like tartar or carpaccio, or as it comes ?

  • the deer liver just goes in the smoothie and is liquidised. It sounds a little grim but it tastes quite okay. My other goto smoothie is deer liver, cottage cheese, almond milk and a few strawberries, which really just tastes like a strawberry milkshake. the liver somehow intensifies the taste of the strawbs. You would never guess it was in there if you didn't know.

    We eat a lot of venison, as it is really good lean protein, and readily available and more or less free. I use it mixed with a little pork fat as mince in spaghetti bolognese etc - I am not sure my children have really eaten beef mince ever. Although whetehr they are aware of the fact I don't know either.

  • I see your liver is thrilled too...... brilliant well done you.

  • Wow.. on all counts...! Especially the drinking of that smoothie...!

    You're really quite something. Handstand push ups sounded very exciting, so I googled it..

    I could manage the handstand against the wall.. that would be it!!!

    Brilliant.. go you!

  • Yes, well, these vidos may give a slightly misleading impression. They always have superfit muscular young dudes doing the demonstrations. The fat miidle-aged versions of these exercises do not have quite the same grace and style. If you google 'Crossfit Fails' you will find many many videos that are closer to the mark. My similarity to this level of CF is about the same as my running performance is to Usain Bolt.

  • Fantastic result and can only imagine the pain you have to go through to get that pinned down. The smoothie that is (seriously? really? I make liver cake for the dogs and I really have to fight not to vom just whizzing it up, the thought of actually having to swallow it makes the kale smoothie seem as attractive as fresh strawberries warmed in the sun. That's where I've been going wrong. Aversion syrupy [laughs at own joke]

    Great news too on the Crossfit Open. Just off to google the handstand push up thing too, didn't know such a thing was possible!

  • Congratulations. Great achievement ☺

    I have massive aversion to liver as when I was a child my mum used to serve it practically rock hard with runny gravy, soggy onions and lumpy mash. I would always manage less than half but then have to give up. No kidding, she used to reheat it for my dinner the next day!

  • Ha ha! That really made me laugh Goon 😊

    I like the sound of venison bolognese! I have a bag of chocolate spaghetti (Antonio Carluccio) just waiting to be paired with some game. Proper fancying that now

    I get into a handstand by getting on all fours and walking up the wall. Having got there I just hang about for a bit, being an old bat. Apparently it does the legs circulation ☺good. I doubt I could manage a push-up 😥 Mind you these things take practice.

  • That's a wall-walk and is a very good core exercise too. If you do that and then walk back out again, and repeat the proces a few times it is a great little workout. We did some of those in our warmup this morning.

  • That's amazing Rig , Well done !

    What's BCAA's ? xxx

  • Branch Chain Amino Acids

  • What do you use those for ? Excuse my ignorance xxx

  • The short answer: to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after exercise and to fuel the body during exercise so it is nit breakig down muscle tissue (because I is old).

    The long sciencey answer:

  • Ah , every days a school day, thanks Rig xxx

  • Ooooh ta for that snippet! Glad they are some use ☺

  • Good grief !

  • You are amazeballs indeed! I cannot conceive of how hardcore fit you must be. I love reading about all your achievements but boggle at the dedication required. Happy gloating, however - you are entitled!

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