W6R3 totes emosh

Can hardly believe this is me writing this but I ran for 25 mins today despite IBS messing with me...

0.9km for the walks, 4.3km for the run- that kinda means I did 5k in 30 mins?! Or perhaps the Moves app on my iphone was getting a bit carried away?! Does anyone else use that app?

When Laura said what she says at the end of this run it really did feel as if she had been with me all the way and really I don't actually feel like a proper runner- but I made it!

Just sayin'.

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  • Hooray! You're a runner! Wootwoot😁

    Well done! Not far to go now!

  • thank you thank you- I am still a bit emotional ,must be the combination of IBS and support - :)

  • I hope your IBS cleared up enough to celebrate properly! 😊 well done πŸ’œ

  • It is such a pest! It was pretty awful actually, didn't quite make it home in time. Hey ho, not a nice thing to have to admit to either.. :(

    On the lus side mentally it was even more of an achievement because 9 ins into the run I started to have to worry about it but instead of going home (the sensible thing to do) I carried on and finished the run- so some mental triumph over and above I guess. Thanks so much for the sentiment!

    What would a proper celebration constitute I wonder- ?!

  • Anything sweet and edible that doesn't set you off! Haha

    Stick close to your house on days like that πŸ˜€

  • Well done Rainshine, fantastic achievement! Onto w7 now and the last third of the programme!

    Ps, you are a runner :-)

  • thank you Mimsickle- was filling up a bit reading your response and that of jamsammich, it's great having such lovely peeps as yourself support lil old me. I can hardly believe it but you wrote it - I am a runner despite myself! :)

  • ps week 7- that's just week 6 R3 three times more isn't it?! I can do that can't I ?! yay!

  • Yes you can! :-)

  • Very well done, you proper runner! x

  • aww thank you AncientMum! really quite wonderful feeling (despite the slight aches I'm left with) and massively enhanced by you taking the time to say well done :)

  • Yay well done you! I think that was one of my favourite moments in the whole 9 weeks. Enjoy it, it's true!

  • Thanks Arrietty- I almost believe it :) It's so great to get support from you wonderful graduates as well- what a lovely team of people :)

  • This is a really lovely site. Took me ages to stop lurking and pluck up the courage to actually post!! So glad I did.

    Enjoy Week 7!

  • Well done! Excellent time and yes you definitely are a runner!

  • Thanks MotherGoose! I've never done running, not a sporty type, so I'm astonished about this C25K milarky- it's almost as if I don't believe I am actually running, think I must somehow be cheating!? :)

  • You're under 35 min for 5 km already, but not quite at 30 minutes, but you'll probably get there soon. As for being a real runner, I heard you were planning on running 25 minutes or more, every second day, from here onwards? Sounds like what a runner would do, to me. Who, but a runner, would want to do something crazy like that?

  • Great answer gary_bart- that made me think about it a bit. I almost feel as though I'm not 'really' doing running, but I must be- and yes I do intend to go ahead and have another go tomorrow- I'm aiming for a run at a time... my goodness it's pretty weird how people are keen to tell you how bad it is for you and how they could never do it- kinda makes me a wee bit proud to be having a go at joining in instead of nay saying :)

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