Couch to 5K

Week 9, run 3 completed ( somehow)

After a gap of another 15 days ( during which gained more than 1 kg due to uncontrolled eating , no exercise ) , I was determined to give it a final push .. didn't had enthusiasm for outdoors and this headed to gym. It was deserted and i was all alone .. Music on iPhone helped immensely.

Well, after warmup for 0.5 km, started running ( with a minor gradient of 2%and speed of just 7.2 km) . Was feeling exhausted after 1.5 km of run and thought of giving up.. But, I just lowered the gradient and continued . At end of 30 min, was running at 7 km, 0 gradient.. Completed just 3.6 km .. Decided to just continue at same pace and finally completed 5 km of run in about a total of 42 min runtime .. Feeling great, though last 3-4 minutes seemed like ages .. My previous foot injury (4-5 weeks ago) of sore arch in one foot was threatening to comeback , but somehow I completed the 5k and foot seems ok.

One question to experienced runners : Treadmill indicated that my heart rate was quite high(170-175 bpm) , though it came down pretty fast during cool down walk ( 140 bpm after 2-3 min light walk at 4.5 km/hr pace)... Is it dangerous ? What precautions if any should I take .. Does drinking water during run ( I drink before and after) helps? Appreciate any tips.

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Woo hoo! Well done!


Thank you.. How do you get that graduate tag ?


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Congratulations on your graduation :)


Thank you all.. Will appreciate any response on heart rate question


Found this on heart rate web site hope it hwelps

Q: How do I measure a Max HR?

A: The best method of determining your individual maximum heart rate is to be clinically tested and monitored on a treadmill. This is called a treadmill stress testing and is done by a cardiologist or certified physical therapist. Based on your age and physical condition, a formula is used to predict your Max HR. The other method is by using an age-predicted maximum heart rate formula:

WOMEN: 226 - your age = age-adjusted Max HR

MEN: 220 - your age = age-adjusted Max HR

Example: If you are a 30-year-old woman, your age-adjusted maximum heart rate is 226- 30 years = 196 bpm (beats per minute).

*note that this formula allows you to estimate your Max HR. Be sure to consult with your exercise trainer and doctors for the most effective rates that are customized to your health.


Thanks . So , what's the optimum HR one should run at .. 80-90% of Max HR? How to bring HR down while running ( given that my speed is anyway quite slow at just 7 km/hr) .. Drinking water while running is advisable ?


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