Feeling depressed: will i ever run again?

Since graduating a couple of years ago, i was pleased to be running 5k in about 25 minutes, but have had a catalogue of illness and injuries since last summer.

I broke my wrist by falling during a run in July, and have been more anxious about running since then, but did get back into my stride as it were. Since then i have had some other health issues, and since January have had just one cold / fluey bug after another.

Will I ever get back into it properly again? Has anyone else had similar ups and downs? How can i find my motivation again? Any advice appreciated! :-(


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14 Replies

  • Of course you will. Injuries and ailments happen to us all. Last year I contracted Weil's disease ingesting contaminated water on an obstacle race, broke several ribs doing something sensible and age-appropriate, picked up a stress fracture on my right foot and mildly tore a ligament. I spent almost as much time on the Injury Couch as off and DNSed almost as many races as I ran, but I'm still fitter now than i was a year ago. I readily admit though, the longer I was off the road, the more effort it took to get started again.

    Action precedes Motivation. If you get out there and get running again, you will remember just why you love it so much. Getting your arse into gear and your trainers laced up and getting out the door is the difficult part - once you are underway you will find your enthusiasm returns, but it needs some traction first. You have to overcome the Injury Couch inertia, and that is simply down to gruntwork and blind faith.

    And the truth of the matter is that you will almost certainly have another injury or ailment that temporarily derails you again at some point in the future - we all do. The trick is just to say 'Heyho!' and sit out your time and then shout 'Bolshy great yarblockoes to you, Injury Couch!' and get back out there. because the alternative is really no alternative at all.

  • It's only the beginning of March. You'll shake off the colds and get out there, no problem. Because you obviously want to! Are you overdoing it a bit? I find if I challenge myself more than is good for me I promptly go down with a cold.

    You may not get back to your 5k speediness, but it's not a competition. Most of us are doing this for health and fitness reasons. And as Rig said doing nothing is not an alternative. That's why you feel so miserable at the moment.

  • I think Rig said all that's needed about dealing with injuries, as for motivation, just read some of the stories on this forum. There are some amazing people out there, and as a graduate you are one of them, even if your personal story doesn't sound amazing to you I bet there is someone that it does sound amazing to. You have graduated so to a new week oner you are a hero.

    You obviously want to do something or you wouldn't have posted, just go and find your running shoes, put them on and head out the door. You may find just getting out into the fresh air and having a little jog in the sunshine could be enough to spark your interest again. Or, why not re-do some of the podcasts until you find your mojo or go and watch a parkrun so you can see how much fun everyone's having and remind yourself what you are missing, perhaps a new challenge could be what you need, did you ever run a 10K?

    I hope you find the strength to help yourself.

  • Thanks all - i think, in fact i KNOW that you're all right! I just need to find my mojo again - (it's hidden somewhere under a pile of snotty tissues probably!). And i think perhaps re-doing some of the earlier podcasts might be the thing to start me off again... I think i've just stopped thinking of myself as someone who can run at the moment.

    Shake it off woman!!

  • Yes, I think that the trick is not too set your goal for your first post ic run too high. Say to yourself "I'll just go for a gentle 3K" to start myself off again. Starting with an early C25K is a good idea too. You'll be surprised how quickly you re-gain your enthusiasm if you just get out there and start gently :)

  • You can do it. You've done it before, and you've got all the scars to prove that you have what it takes. Not only are "someone who can run"... you ARE a runner, you are just taking a break, and we all need that every now and then.

    Well, guess what? By posting your tale here you have indicated that the break is over. So get your arse in gear woman and get out there!! ;-)

  • Yep, graduated c25k, felt great, got frozen shoulder, parents got ill, etc. many calls on time and many excuses not to get out there. Apart from, of course, we, and only we, are responsible for our own journey through life towards, what gets more sharply defined as we get older, the end. Do we want to drive ourselves with enthusiasm and verve right to the last minute or be driven by forces we say or pretend are beyond our control.

    I know just how you feel (I also know how irritating it is when people say that, so apologies). For me, control over self is the key. Ain't no one else responsible for you.

    Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, just I have been having this conversation with myself so it's all very fresh in the mind.

  • Oh I think I spend at least as long on the IC as off. Since graduation I've had 2 months off with a knee injury, 5 months off with a broken ankle and over a month off with asthma and a chest infection. Just download Chumbawamba on to your iPod and sing along. All together now....

    🎼🎶 I get knocked down, but I get up again, You're never gonna keep me down...🎶


  • You've got the gear, you've got the know-how, you've got the will so it is going to happen. Decide what you want to do for a first easy run - and off you go. We'll be looking out for your post to hear how it went.

  • Thanks everyone - gonna ditch the cold this week (have been mainlining vitamin C and all manner of other potions) and will attempt my next 'run' on Friday morning. There! I've announced it now, so gotta do it!!

  • Reading through the responses here, there's loads of good advice and it's lovely to see your responses too :) The only thing I can add is, make your first run one you know you can do, so you come back successful, triumphant, and full of the joys of running again. Good luck, and don't forget to come back and tell us about it :)

  • Great advice Annie. There's nothing quite like running w1r1 for restoring wobbly confidence. :)

  • Yes! good idea!

  • I think we all have periods like that. I've been ok until recently, but have had a rough patch more or less since November...a virus that took my mojo with it when it went, a slipped disc and now achilles problems...you'll get out there again... as far as motivation goes, don't push yourself to far to start with, find a nice short route that you like, some nice music if that's ow you run, shoes on... and off you go! Come back and tell us how you go xxx

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