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Will I ever run for 20 minutes?

I am just about to start week 5, and due to my work, can only run mainly weekends. So there is often a longer gap between runs than I would like. Consequently it feels almost like I am starting all over again each week.

Have just completed W4 R3, and feel I am ready for the FIRST part of W5.

But can't see how I can take the leap between running for 8 minutes and then running for 20! I have found the first run each time the hardest, then once I get into it, I feel fine. But 20 minutes??? How?!

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It will happen for you - trust the programme and trust the rest of us!!! I'm not sure that any of us have approached W5R3 with total confidence lol, the normal cry is the same as yours - how the heck do you jump from 8mins - 20mins - but it happens :-) The thing is that what you're describing is normal - in any run the first 5-10 mins are the very hardest - that's the same if you're running for 5 mins or running for 2 hours! With the intervals you've done so far you've not had the opportunity to feel your legs loosen mid run - you will on the 20 mins run. Just pace yourself, get into a nice steady rhythm and you'll be fine - honestly. If you're like me the shock when you finish will be immense, but so will the delight :-)


Today I ran week 5 r1..I was so worried and thought id never do it..but do you know what? I loved all of it!! So looking forward to run 2 on Monday now..and I really think I can do it!! Its no harder that what you have already done..go for it..and make the time..its sooo worth it!! Good luck!! :)


It must be hard if you aren't doing it 3 times a week regular, thats what used to get me up and out, the fear that if I missed a session it might be harder after a day or two!

But you are still doing really well.

The move up to 20 mins on week 5 run 3 is a daunting prospect but it is definitely do-able, honest! Try not to worry about it till you try it!

Are you absolutely sure you cant run on work days though? I only ask because all my life I have said I am not a morning exercise person but recently the only way I could fit a run in on a Weds (long day at work followed by choir practice!) was to try and fit it in early and now I love it - I am out by 6/6.15 at the latest. It is just getting light, the birds are singing their hearts out, it really is a fab way to start the day! Just a thought x


I'm also a bit daunted by run three, just finished wk4 run 3 so on Monday I start wk5, it will be interesting to see if I survive run 3!!!! Ill look forward to reading your post afterwards!!


Thanks everyone, I too will be completing Wk5 r1 on Monday - so should be doing r3 on the Sunday afterwards.

I work very long hours as I drive across the South of England to get to whichever Area I am in on that day, so I am normally in the car around 5.30am and get home about 7.30pm - not normally feeling like running then!

I'm also struggling with my healthy diet - I am not overweight but desperate to eat more healthily, I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, but my vice is junk food! Will need to try and stay healthy which will help my runs I'm sure.

Will post once I've have attempted the dreaded run.....


I did my 20 mins yesterday morning and in some ways its easier than doing the the intervals as you get into a rhythum, I do go very slowly ( was surprised dog walkers weren't lapping me :-) ) and even managed a litle spurt at the end !!! It is daunting no doubt about it, but I bet you will be fine. I too can't always run 3 times a week so it has taken me longer than 5 weeks to get here usually 3 or 4 days inbetween but haven't found that a problem, gives my poor old knees time to recover!!!.

Good luck :)


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