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There is no way I will ever run!

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I have always insisted I was not built for running but I have done just about every other exercise there is over the years (fads fade fast!) But with this running programme it is entirely different. It is delivered in such a way that it makes it possible for me to achieve. 30 mins a few times a week is do-able for my life style. I am now coming up for W6R3. After I had completed W6R1 I sent a text to my daughters telling them with every run I was feeling more and more like Superwoman! I can't believe I AM RUNNING and feeling good about me!

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Oh dear! I'm afraid you're hooked. There's no going back now.

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Think a lot of us had doubts when we first started, how wrong we were!

Well done! Keep on going!😀

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to davelinks

Many of us - in fact most of us - had never even run the length of ourselves, but here we all are running amok!

Go you!!!!

Very carefully of course!

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Sounds like you are doing really well!

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It's fantastic isn't it? Well done and good luck, Superwoman!


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Yes! This is far from a fad. Sounds like you're hooked. Well done on making it to week 6.

Hated running at school and was humiliated by teachers, hadn't run for 34 years (apart from the odd stagger for a bus or train), first time I ran for 20 minutes on this programme I could have run another 20 for sheer joy. It's probably the best thing you could ever do for your health and wellbeing Skippy_Sheila. Congrats on getting this far and stick with it!

Happy running!!

Over exposure to Kryptonite (ie. doing too much too soon) can leave you on the Injury Couch and those Supervillains in disguise can creep up and whisper doubts in your ear at any stage, but it sounds as if you are well and truly hooked. One of the best ways to keep up the long term motivation is to keep posting on this site. That way you could never let this become a passing fad, as we will boot you up the backside, should you falter.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Welcome to the Runners Addicted club Superwoman. Fab stuff.

I have just started ,about 5 stone over weight ,and 66 done 1 and 2 of week 1.cant wait to get the first week done tomorrow.found it hard maybe because I did it on the tread mill,and didn't alter the speed from running to walking.but did it ,which I never thought possible .If I can progress it would be wonderful ,going to give it a good go

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tara-jGraduate in reply to westonmill

Keep are it! Enjoy and good luck!

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The plan should be done exactly as Laura say's, walking & running. NOT continuous running, that comes late in the plan. Doing too much too soon could lead to injury!🚑

Hey everyone, Thanks for your positive comments. It's great be able to chat and share with people who actually 'get' what you are doing and why and how!

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