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Will I ever get re-started?

I've had a 6 week break due to an injured calf muscle and asthma. I was looking forward to getting back to running on Friday after returning from a few days in L'Ariege.

But, I'm absolutely exhausted. Tired beyond all reason. I can't imagine being able to run to the end of my garden, let alone for 5k. Even climbing the stairs is tiring. I really want to get back to running, but my limbs feel so heavy. I go back to work tomorrow and I'm dreading it; 10 hours spent with a group of eating disorder patients.

Feeling sorry for myself :-(

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Hiya, Sorry to hear that, I am having similar problems. I wonder how I ever graduated , I DID though on xmas eve last year. I also had a long break due to a cracked rib and I'm having real problems picking it back up :-( It' s even crossed my mind a couple of times as to whether I'm 'too old for this running malarky' but I get such a buzz from it when I've had a good run. I hope that you get back in there soon earl-grey-sian :-)


What would you say to the patients who want to change their eating habits? One step at a time?


Oh dear. That is a really tough job. How about setting a date for a run and seeing how it goes? I've pulled a muscle, so having time off. Expect I'll be back on week 1, but any running is better than none. Thankfully our self imposed targets don't have 'life or death' implications.


I damaged my cruciate ligament in spring. It took me 2 months to be able to walk properly and another 2 to start running again. It was real hard work and difficult to motivate myself. In the end, after a few disastrous runs I started at the beginning again. I did W1R1 first, the next run was a W2, the next a W3 till the 2nd week I was doing the 20 minute run. Then gradually increased 5 mins a week at a time. Been quite demoralising actually. Still, I'm at least back out running half an hour. I think the thing is not to try to do too much. just set yourself a smaller goal at first. Any run is better than none! And you know that you'll feel great once you've done it. :)


Thank you all for your encouragement. I'm going to try and go after work tomorrow as I finish a little earlier. Maybe try for 8 minute intervals and see how that feels. :-O


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