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My Park Run ~ 1st Official 5K

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Good Evening peeps,

How you all doing? Hope you having a great weekend, just like the one I've just had!. Well tonight was my 1st ever Park Run and for those who entered the Supernova run and completed it, very well done.

So what can I say.. What a brilliant evening! Firstly I would like to take this time and say to all those who have disabilities (of all kinds and degrees) I take my hat off and salute you guy's n girls. It's one thing watching it all on TV but when there are runners, people in wheelchairs, running alongside you, it brings along it's own perspective and humbleness.

On to the run... Was it cold out tonight or what! In all the excitement, I ended up getting there a bit early and had to wait around for 20 mins. I was frozen! Felt like Elsa I did! My wave of runners eventually took off and I was duly overtaken by a 10 yearold :-( (soon put right to that) ,found my rhythm and style and off I went.

Tonight was the first of 2 things I haven't done since starting C25K (as I am a sucker for sticking to rules and regs) I didn't take any headphones with me, so didn't know any split times, distance. Also no music, no Laura, nothing, nada, zilch.... Only heartbeat, breathing and footsteps could be heard.

Secondly my normal running is quite flat, and straight forward. Never have I done so many up, downs, left, rights,high, Low, U turns! You name it, they had it! It was certainly a learning curve tonight I'll tell ya.

So saving the best to for last, as the run was in the Olympic Park Stratford, I could only put it in a truly Olympic/Olympian performance and yes peeps that's exactly what I did by setting a new PB!! I did it in 27.01 mins!! :-) :-) Looks like I had the eye of the tiger left in me from Wednesday's run!

Thank you all for stopping by, and hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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It sounds like a brilliant experienced, complemented by a brilliant performance! Congratulations, Saul :)

I'm looking forward to emulating you, once I completed the programme.

in reply to secan

The atmosphere was brilliant... didn't think there would be that many runners


That's brilliant Saul ! Well done , you certainly had a tiger in your tank tonight !

Sounds like a really good event ! :-) xxx

in reply to poppypug

I certainly was Grrrreeaatttt !!


Sounds fab Saul, and fantastic time!

in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you

Thats fantastic Saul. Really well done.

How exciting to run in the Olympic stadium too. Bet you felt like Mo Farah... :)

Congratulations on your PB great time especially with hills etc.

And you got a medal to remember it by as well.

in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you very much and again for the pm. Felt really good, especially when I hadn't got a clue how fast I was running, not quite Mo Farah standards (yet ;-) ).The first person completed the run in 15 mins. It was quite funny, at a certain point I could hear the PA system again and thought yes nearly there, only to turn left and back to normal :-(


Wow, congratulations. Great time at an amazing venue :)


Go you, Tiger.. you let them hear you roar!!!!

Well done Saul you're really doing fantastically! What a great PB! 😊

in reply to aliboo70

Thank you very much. All due to you guys and the plan!


Hi Saul, Just catching up with you after a few days. Oh my, how proud do I feel right now running buddy! You are awesome and it's great to see some pics of you to put your face to the name.

Wonderful stuff!

Elsie xxx

in reply to ElsieW

Thank you very much mi dear.

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