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1st Park run completed!

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Well i got up early out of my nice bed and went without morning snuggles with my darling wife, clad myself in lycra, slipped into my new running shoes and went off to Greenhead Park in Huddersfield for my first Park run. Apparently its one of the busiest with over 600 runners on a regular basis. Hardest bit was trying to maintain my own pace and not getting drawn in to trying to keep up with the more experienced runners.

There were lots of other lycra clad people, most of which looked like they knew what they were doing, thankfully a few looked just as silly as me. πŸ˜‰

Really enjoyed the experience, Greenhead Park is a lovely Victorian Park to run in too, finished 477th in a time of 32m 28s accirding to my watch. Not sure what the official time is, probably slower as I started my timing when I crossed the line which was after the official start as I started towards the back of the pack.

Shame I have to work next Saturday but will be back there in a fortnight.

Will catch up on morning snuggles tomorrow!

16 Replies

Sounds brillliant... :) the parkrun not the snuggles ......lol

Good for you Andy. :) :)

Big-AndyGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

The snuggles are brilliant too!!! Lol



I also did my first park run today

112 out of 135 in 33.43. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday

Big-AndyGraduate in reply to ShannieP

Well done Shannie. They're fun aren't they? Enjoy your day too.

Well done Andy, I have the same trouble keeping my own pace, I always end up running too fast and being knackered but hey then the result at the end is worth it.


Brilliant! I completed my first too! Turns out an "undulating" course is runner speak for brutal hills! 36.42 so I'm very happy. I enjoyed my cake at the end!!

Big-AndyGraduate in reply to Fatcj

Well done! I was good and had weetabix and fruit afterwards. At a party tonight and there will be cake. Lol

FatcjGraduate in reply to Big-Andy

Enjoy the cake tonight!


This was such a wonderful post for so many reasons!! :-) And they say love is dead. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself and that you didn't win 'worst dressed' award :-)

Big-AndyGraduate in reply to yamiskoi

No love isn't dead. It sometimes hides. Took me 45 years to find it. Worth the wait though.


Well done sounds like a great run. Time for afternoon snuggles to celebrate m'thinks! ☺

Big-AndyGraduate in reply to Noaky12

I think you could be right.

Fantastic Andy, that's a really good time. And I'm pretty sure the other runners thought you looked splendid in your Lycra... Congrats on becoming a park runner!


Well done Andy - very respectable time!

Well done Andy, parkruns become addictive. Keep up the good work!


Wow.. go you.. well done!!!

Make me feel ashamed.. I haven't the nerve to do a park run..:)

It sounds wonderful and you did great... Lycra or no Lycra...oops.. that sounds a bit rude!


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