I chuffing did it!

Week 5, run 3 done!

Would have never have thought that I could run for 20 mins but I did it. First 5 minutes were the hardest but I kept going. By the end it probably would have been quicker to walk but who cares. When Laura said I'd finished I literally jumped into the air, much to the amusement of passing cars. Can't believe I've been such a wimp putting this run off since Monday. Thank you to everyone who has posted positive comments about this run, they have definitely helped.


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  • We've all done it.. I scared a school girl when I jumped for joy!

    Well done.. onwards and upwards..! :)

  • Congratulations, I remember feeling elated when I finished the 20 minute run.

  • That 20 minutes is the biggest achievement of the programme in my mind. Well done x

  • Well done. Such a huge milestone this particular run. Happy running :)

  • Well done. It is the run no-one believes they can do and everyone feels great after.

  • Well done!! Feels great doesn't it?

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