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Week 6 run 2.. tick

I headed out tonight after work, it was just starting to come in dark and it was so cold. I could see my breath when I ran and I can't say I warmed up so I think a pair of gloves will be my next purchase :)

I really enjoyed this run like the last one, had no real problems and found it quite comfortable. Saying that though it's all non stop runs from now on with no walking intervals so even though I've enjoyed these last two runs I'll have to see if I can do the next few.

I really think I'm starting to enjoy running now..I feel I've reached a turning point where it's not just a chore and a hard slog but quite enjoyable. (probably might not be saying that after the next one though! ;) )

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Well done ! you may well find that once you do the continuous running you will get more confident. I don't think I started posting on the site until I was confident I could do the continuous running.

Now like you I enjoy it and has become a good habit.

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thank you! I hope so :)


Well done debze :)

Yeah, it's all uphill from now on!! ;) Only joking (it's good for morale! lol)

Like yourself I don't struggle half as much as I did in the early weeks but as soon as I start to climb up any inclines I really feel it then, but I've managed to scrape through so far.

All the best with your next run (and the start of the longer runs for good). You are now officially a runner!! :)

Oh, and I recommend a hat to keep warm, not gloves, as that will really keep the heat in until you've warmed up. I started wearing mine as of W7R1. Not just because it was a tad 'nippy' (I still only have my tee-shirt and shorts on after all!) but I thought it would also help to keep those bloody annoying earbuds inside my ears so I can hear Laura! :D

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haha I find my earphones slipping too. Yep I'll invest in a hat, I'm wearing a long sleeve top and couldn't get warm for hours after. On the longer runs I might get a bit warmer. Really looking forward to seeing if I can do it and if not I'll just repeat it until I do. Good luck on your next one too!

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Cheers debze.

I start off wearing my hat, but once I warm up I remove it and just carry it. I guess if you have some kind of running belt you could always squeeze it in there when you remove it? Anyway, you will be fine on your next run. You've already proved you can do 20 minutes! :)


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