Wow the Finishing Tape is in sight πŸΎπŸ€—

Hi Girls and Guys...

Well what a wonderful day β˜€οΈ You could feel Spring was on its way 😊 So short sleeved shirt on and all set for the run... Decided again to not start RunKeeper until it was time to run this time the Goddess of Technology was on My side and so we were off and Laura seemed to be behaving 5 minutes in and Laura 'OK that's 5 Minutes You should be in your stride now' and so ran the new route and as I started the run down hill a sharpe decent to the first hill a Young lady coming up the hill moved into a drive to let me through I mouthed 'Thank You' with a 😊 And continued down then round the corner and started the hill a thought came through my mind 'before attempting this hill engage lower gear!' And so I did and passed a lady walking her dog and then onto the only bit of the run that can loosely be called 'Off Road' as this is a private road that is not maintained I know I'm supposed to be looking straight in front and I do glance up now and then but there are to many 'Accidents Waiting To Happen!' Bits of this run!! 

And so down the hill again and then going to the right and up the next hill Laura came on to say 'OK that's 14 minutes you are have way through' and soon after that RunKeeper came on to say my 'Heart rate was at 90-100%' and BOY could I agree!!!πŸ˜– It could be time to look at getting Shorts!!! 😱 Now this comes with a πŸ“£ Warningβ€ΌοΈπŸš« After getting these there could well be a β„οΈπŸŒ¨ A cold snap!!! Kept going and a White Van coming out of a side road waved me through!! Could this be because he saw that here was a 'Real Runner' or was it down to the 'Beetroot face' and the thought that if he made me wait I would never get going again!!! Then as I was putting my hankie away my shirt got caught it the pocket and as I pulled the shirt out the hankie fell on the pavement!! So had to do a recovery while still running and decided to do a run and dip technique to capture the escaped item...

As I finished the hill climb I turned left as Laura came on to say 'OK 5 minutes to go..' And so the final bit and again RunKeeper came on to say 'Heartrate was at 90-100%' and I did a 'U' turn and began my final 4 minutes I could see the finishing tape in the distance (Virtual tape obviously) and then within what seemed an age the voice of Laura 'OK it's time to slow down...' And I glanced at my Stopwatch to see that it was on 27 minutes!! 'Oh NO Laura You minx I'm going to finish the run!!' And so kept going and then as I approach the Tesco's Express 'OK it's time to slow down....' And so it was over πŸ€— We were getting closer to the Finish Line and the Banana and Green Tea and the Cold water with Lemon was calling me but first I had to pass a Woman with 2 Terriers who seem to want to race me!! So WK8R2 done and dusted.. Thank You all for the support and to those who have just begun or starting the WK5R3 nervous moment.... This is Great!!!! YOU will soon be running for 30 minutes I know 😱 But believe it YOU are part of a Family who care and give advice and support and as My Beautiful Goddaughter says 'Caring is Sharing' and so to all Keep On Running πŸ˜‰


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14 Replies

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  • Wow....well done. Especially on the hill running, I'm yet to master that skill. W8r2 for me next....we are nearly there! 

  • Well done PapaBear, thank you for sharing your enjoyment and sense of achievement. You're doing great and graduation is so close now.

    Happy running!

  • It is a joy to read your posts! You're doing great and look at the way you get all this nice treatment. You must send out good vibes. I loved the bit about the woman with the dog racing you. I've had that too. You try to overtake someone and they speed up to prevent it. "Damned if I'm letting some purple faced prancer in lycra overtake me!"

    Caring is sharing indeed! Met some nice folk out running early this morning. Too early for the dog walkers today (or perhaps the rain had something to do with it) but I encountered plenty of runners (heading home as I reached the park!), rabbits, squirrels and a rather startled fox.

  • well done! that's pretty fancy stuff, picking up hankies whilst still running! Were you a Mongol horseman in a previous life?!

    I often wonder what the best reaction is when I'm out walking and a runner comes my way. I know it's pretty hard to manage a reply of any sort when running, and even engaging in eye contact isn't necessarily what you want. What do you I don't want to appear patronising, which a 'well done! keep it up!' might be- often therefore it's a broad smile which I hope conveys support, admiration and fellow feeling rather than any hint of a smirk or amusement (which it definitely isn't). What do others do when you see a runner, and when you're out running, what reactions do you like? Oh, and how about those other runners, what acknowledgement / communication do you give / get?

  • ha ha the Mongol horseman! Love it :)

  • A REAL RUNNER - man in his 60s I guess - gave me a virtual hi-5 from across the road yesterday as I did my W8R3.  It made me smile, and re-energised me at a point where I was starting to tire.  I always prepare to smile at other runners, but they're a bit snooty round our way and don't make eye contact.

  • ooo I know that snooty runner type- always super fit looking too. I still admire their tenacity and fitness levels. I can secretly say to myself that if they have always been super fit - or indeed never been unfit / overweight- then they cannot know the absolute joy of finding some fitness and actually running at all if you have never run (till you're over 50 for example ;) )

    a virtual high five is pretty cool - nice!

  • Strangely, it's the slow, struggling ones who do make the effort! 

    I shall always be one of those, and I shall always return a smile :)

  • Great run oldpapabear....πŸ˜€

  • Seems a scary thought to me at the moment that I will be able to run 30 minutes. I am currently on week 2 run 3 and the thought of running from 90 seconds to 3 minutes is scary and it seems virtually impossible that in 7 weeks I could be running 30 minutes. 

    This forum has been really motivational and I cant wait to see where I can get to in the weeks to come :) 

  • Nat show me a person that has done the C25K and has not had that thought and I'll eat my Sweatband πŸ˜‹ I did a lot of πŸ™ That I would be able to do 3 minutes and then 5 and then 8 but getting my gait done new shoes and the posture/breathing videos got to be able to do not only that but then the epic WK5R3 when you just have to believe and to do it at your pace not to fast this is NOT a race! like a lot of the Graduates and Runners like me who are just about to Graduate can say this without any doubt 'YOU can and will do this!! We believe in YOU and the courage that YOU have and that this will get YOU to say in a few weeks these words "I am a Runner πŸƒ" It's something that brings a HUGE 😊 To MY Face it's a Right that We have Earned and YOU will soon join us on this pedestal and as like me YOU will look forward and get πŸ…πŸŽ½ YOUR medal and the T shirt to wear with pride... Keep up the Good Work and remember WE believe in YOU πŸ€—

  • Thank you :) I am really finding this group useful which is a huge relief. No one judging you which I have found on different forums 

  • Brilliant post OldpapaBear.

    You are spot on about everything...we all panicked and struggled  with those increases in the early weeks.

    Lots of us had gait analysis and new shoes to sort out niggles. 

    Week 5 is epic..hard but totally  doable.

    After that its all stamina building and exciting as you realise you can run and still breathe...πŸ˜€

    Your post made me laugh and is very inspiring to those still in the program.

    Good luck next run..and can't wait to see you wearing your well earned badge..πŸ˜ŠπŸƒ

  • Papa Bear, I love your posts !

    You have such a fantastic positive attitude, it is such a joy to share this with you .

    You are very supportive and encouraging to others, I really like that .

    Well, one more run to do on Week 8 and then onto the Biggie - Graduation Week !

    Well done to you xxx

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