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Ohhh Laura-you are crafty!!

Started today with Stepping Stones podcast, but it turned out to be Stamina so panic set in. As I was out and it was forecast rain later on I thought I would see how it goes. Well, the warm up and the first 10 mins just ok and then Laura said 10mins at 160beats so,let's try. Again just manageable and again Laura said another 10mins at same pace and by this time I am not sure whether I was going at that beat but kept going. Just when I was flagging Laura seems to come on with encouragement, posture and keeping with the rhythm. When she said 1 one minute I knew we had completed so huge smile but but then Laura said HOW ABOUT A 5MIN MOTIVATIONAL RUN AT 165 beats!!!!!!

Aargh......was going to walk but people walking

by so kept going and finished it.

Very crafty Laura but I finished it so thank you. By the way I still can't do 5k in 30 mins but hopefully soon!! X

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I think it's Stamina where at one point Laura says 'Just one minute more at this speed before we up the pace a little' - :O that made me laugh both times I've done it - is she trying to be comforting or motivational??? (I didn't really laugh because it would have used up too much puff, I just did an extra loud pant instead... :-) )

Keep doing Stamina and Speed and you'll soon hit 5K in 30 mins - I'm about 2 weeks graduated and within a whisker of making it - maybe next time!




Which comes first after you Graduate-stepping stones or stamina? Just completed week 7. Thanks


Stepping Stones is slower than Stamina. Speed is fairly quick but shorter. I tried Stepping Stones first, then Speed, then Stamina, then decided to alternate Speed and Stamina and a run of 30 mins to my own music, every week.

Good luck finishing the programme! :-)


Thank you for this Mitts-I was getting so confused, as no bridge between 5K and 25K from Laura. Had a rubbish run today-ipod decided to go flat, so no music or laura to keep me going. On top of that I wondered why I was plodding so much. All was revealed when I started coughing+++-seems i have a cold! Never mind have the weekend to recover, then tackle week 8 run 1 on Monday. I am ready for this, as the 2 runs on week 7 went well, so a bit of a shock this morning :-)


Yeah, you get runs like that. Put it behind you, you'll be fine when your cold's gone! Was just thinking about getting some mulled wine today - that would be a real cheer-you-up in this weather! :-)


Too true! Happened before, and I didn't think about it after-it just pulls you down. What's in the past has happened, no good mulling over it (gettit-mulled wine, lol!!). Will go out with a clean slate on Monday, raring to go! Have been looking at the 5+pods-thanks for that. Here's to next week-cheers, bottoms up! :-)


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