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Ball of foot pain

I got up on my toes a bit yesterday when ascending hills, got a few twinges in the calves while doing so, so took it slow, and later when I got home got ball of foot pain in one foot, which persists this morning when put weight on it. Have been stretching the toes and massaging the area, hoping it will subside soon. Will see how it goes when I go for a walk later...

Good advice welcome thanks..

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Roll a golf ball under your foot Dave or a small bottle of frozen water. Hope it gets better soon.


Try soaking your feet in hot water with half a cup of epsom salt/sea salt until the water turns cold. I did that twice in one day last week when I had pain in both feet, and it was as if the pain magically disappeared overnight! I was limping one day and couldn't put my heel down, and the next day I managed to do the entire W4R3 without needing to stop.


Ouch.. I have no idea on this... but big hug :)

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