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Numb foot ?

In my last two runs (I'm on W2R1) my right foot goes numb. It starts in the middle of the ball of my foot and radiates to my toes and mid sole, strangely it's only my right foot. At first I thought it was the new socks being slightly thicker so I tried a thinner sock today without any change.

Does anyone else have this issue and have you found a solution ?

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Does it ever happen when you're not doing a C25K run, ie just rushing about the place? Does it happen when you're running while wearing other shoes? If your foot always goes numb when you run/jog for a minute then maybe you should check with your doctor. If it only happens when you're wearing your running shoes then maybe they're at fault. Whatever it is I think it's something you need to get sorted before tackling longer runs - good luck and get better soon!


It only happens when I have my running shoes on and I think you're on to something there Mitts. I'm going to investigate a new pair of shoes.


Are your laces slightly tighter on that shoe maybe? Sometimes just a fraction of tighter laces can have this effect.

I had the same thing when I first had my new trainers, I think it was just my foot getting used to being corrected after years of walking oddly from plantar fasciitis though. My foot/toes still go numb from time to time, but now more when I'm barefoot!

You may find as you go through the program it sorts itself out as you are currently asking your feet to do something that maybe they aren't used to.

Hope you manage to sort it.


I thought the laces at first but trying different levels of tightness doesn't make any difference. Again, shoes come up, I'm thinking it has to be related.


I found I had a numb foot on the first few longer runs, it would go away once the run was over, and know (well up until 2weeks ago) the problem didn't come back, I did however notice that the foot that went numb the trainer was tied tighter than the other. Coincidence? Not sure.x


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