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wk 6 run 1- i hate my shins

again after managing the 20minute run after 4 days rest 3 days ago i managed w5r3.

Shins felt great, went out for run1 of week 6 and 16 minutes in again it struck so i stopped and walked home.

So frustrated and annoyed at it, meant to be doing a 5k in 2 weeks today and is clearly not going to happen at this rate! Just upset and annoyed (maybe only 4 hours sleep and 12 hours shift at work not helping) as i set this 5k as a goal in January with runner friends.

To the ice and rest it is

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It is disappointing when the old legs complain especially when in your mind you know you can do it. 😊 have you tried slowing down? Sometimes my shins protest if I am pushing to go faster. Try going slower and use smaller steps. Your foot should land under your hip not out in front so avoid striking with your heel. The extra rest days are a good idea. Your body is getting used to all this exercise so as long as you take it steady you will get there. 😊


yeah I've tried slowing but it goes from 0-agony really quick even when i slow down, striking with my heel, i'm literally trying everything at the moment. Im going to see if i can get some new running shoes tonight from a proper running shop to see if thats the problem as i have such weak ankles from previous breaks.

Thanks :) just frustrated


Have you got good shoes? I got shin splints in W3, I had no idea trainers didn't cut the mustard. Properly fitted running shoes make all the difference.


yeah I'm going to a proper running shop tonight to invest in some now i am actually enjoying the running/want to carry on :)


That's great! Check with them that they will exchange or refund if the shoes don't suit you, most reputable shops will up to 28 days. x


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