Uh Oh :-( Wk 1 Run 3

After 2 great first runs in week 1, I didn't expect this....

Calves started aching on warm up walk and although I did 7 "runs" I just couldn't get going on the 8th and that really annoyed me. Today felt worse than the first 2 runs and the ache in my calves just wouldn't go away...I was exhausted and really suffering - sorry if that sounds over dramatic but it's how I felt at the time - I tried pushing those gremlins away and I think I shouted at them at one point ?? But boy it felt hard. I just wanted to stop ( I didn't but I wanted to).

Some advice please ....could I be going too fast pace wise? How slow is slow?

Should I warm up more - maybe some stretches????

Should I repeat week 1 again after today? - The thought of doing 90 seconds after today scares me :-0 Not sure I can do it?

I really want this and I really want to make a park run and I really want this to become part of my life but I feel I've failed today and that's dangerous because at this stage it's easier to stop than go on......


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  • Don't dwell on it to much it happens , It is always difficult to judge pace but the secret to this is to run as slow as you need onto complete the timed runs ..

    Yes you can extend your warm up walk to more than 5 mins it may help , i wouldnt stretch beforehand.

    As for repeating the week , that's a difficult 1, you did run 1 + 2 ok , I would give yourself a couple of days rest, then try runs again, doing a longer warm up and running as slow as you can, don't worry if you think you can walk quicker either, it is a different action .

    You are doing just fine,don't let those doubting voices get to you, you can do this and you are and will 😊

  • You can do this Kate

    Slam the gremlins into a box and lock them away.

    When you do the run sections go slow, slow, slow. My runs are some peoples walk! But as Rob says it doesn't matter! It really doesn't, completing the times is the important bit.

    Did you have 1 rest day between or 2? Sometimes I found having 2 really helped.

    If you don't feel up to wk2 then I'd repeat today's, you said you did fine on 1. & 2 so I wouldn't necessarily repeat those. But definitely don't give up.

    Good Luck Kate and keep posting x

  • Recognising that the temptation is there is the first step to making sure you keep on track. Please don't give up. You've knocked two runs off the list, and it will get better - if you keep at it. I wouldn't repeat the whole week - just repeat run three, and don't be hard on yourself. You generally run faster than you think - there's no tried and tested speed, but if you aren't walking and you aren't standing still, then you're running. :)

    The four-letter "F" word (the one ending in 'L') does not apply on this forum - if you put your trainers on and got out of the door, that sounds like success to me. So head up, head out, and be proud of yourself. You've got this!

  • im going very slow, not much more than a fast walk, so far no niggles, but i bought new shoes and those cushion insoles, my feet hurt in the old trainers i had, dont suppose there anything wrong with repeating a week, its what suits you best and only you know that xx

  • Ooh lightweightkate dont say the 'f' word someone will be along to monitor that!! Everything the others have said is right, don't give up you have vested too much into this. I have to say I seem to be half on the IC at W6R2 but whatever the delay we can do this slow steady and go read others journey to graduate and beyond and they will fill you with determination. It was just one run you can do this but slowly. I had to repeat a week, but Slow_Rob is probably right and you just need some extra rest TLC at this stage. πŸ™‚

  • Oh Kate, Big hugs ((( )))) and no you didn't fail , you didn't give up , you carried on , so that's a positive !

    Plus we do not use the F word on here , it is banned :-)

    This is your mind playing games , have a couple of days rest , if you want to do this run again , do it. Theres no pressure in completing it in the 9 weeks .

    We all get these " gremlins " now and again, you've just got to shut them up, don't give them any headroom.

    Why not try a longer warm up walk ? Walk for 5 minutes then turn your podcast/app on and do the warm up walk from there. Aches and niggles are very normal in the early stages, unless it is a pain or you feel something pull or " go " I would carry on and just take extra rest days .

    You can do this , you really can .

    Slow, steady, believe xxx

  • Thanks :-)

  • you can't go too slow, so if you can go slower then do! I wouldn't repeat the week but have a couple of rest day days before your next run and agree with the no stretching before , but have a longer warm up walk before you start. Keep going you can do it!

  • Keep going don't let those gremlins win xx

  • also agree with the f word ban! You can tell the gremlins to F off, that's allowed but the other F word is a no no!

  • You're doing great lightweightkate ! Go as slow as you can- I was "running" after people at a Park Run today. They were walking, but I still couldn't keep up with them.

    It really is better to go as slow as possible. You're just trying to gently build up your stamina- please don't stop


  • Thanks - I read your park run post and I want to be there so thanks for the encouragement!

  • Kate, I'm not sure I'm getting it right, but the way I read your post, you didn't give up. You carried on even though is was hellish... If that is the case, week 1 is in the bag and you should be celebrating!

    If you did if fact give up on the last run, you need to just accept it, and move on by giving yourself a second chance. Maybe take an extra rest day before you give that run another go. Even slower than you did this time around. Many in here have had to repeat runs and whole weeks, don't beat yourself up about it. You are doing great!

    I've also had a few unpleasant runs, but they are outnumbered by the pleasant ones and the really great ones that leave me buzzing afterwards.

  • Thanks so much IbenCopenhagen - you made me laugh and think a bit differently :-) glass half full and all that....yes I did do it and that's what I'll hold on to - thanks

  • YES! That's what I thought. You did it! Week one is in the bag! Hurrah. Onwards to week 2, lightweighkate :-)

  • Thanks everyone - I will take all your fantastic advice and inspiration and a) give myself 2 days rest b) just repeat W1R3 and then move on to week 2 c) SLOW myself right down and d) accept that I did complete this even though it wasn't with much style :-). Got some cheap but comfortable trail running shoes today which will help especially as I am running on stoney trails.

    Oh, and I promise not to use the F word again - sorry :-)

  • I've found that brisk walking is faster than a steady stroll and running slow is just a bit faster than brisk walking. I'm not worrying about the speed I listen to the music doing what Laura tells me. Sometimes I'm miles away when she starts talking which makes me jump. I have markers where I get to, the 6th lamp post for starting 2nd run etc.

    The one thing I 'm concentrating on is my breathing, I just breathe in 3 steps then out 3 steps sometimes I can go up to 4 in and out.

    I don't stretch before but always after. I'm making sure I'm enjoying it, I need to keep doing this! and..... I always pat myself on the back when Laura says well done!!

  • my run's are pretty much walking pace however, I am very unfit & overweight. I started week 1 last week by doing every other run with extra walk & then every 2 runs on my next outing.

    I'm doing Week 1 properly starting tonight as I found doing it that way I haven't got at all disheartened & actually enjoy it.

    There's no rule that says you have to do the 9 weeks in 9 weeks. I suspect i'll be repeating some weeks more than once but as long as the enjoyment is still there I reckon the rest will fall into place.

  • When I used to run (I used to represent my county long ago.) I did one day on one day off so that the body can recuperate. I would recommend bath salts- a massage of oil into the calves and yes, take the next run at an almost walk if you have to. As long as you cover the distance- you can repeat it again at a quicker pace if you need/want to another day. But it really is important nor to tear muscle even more because that's why muscle aches- it has small tears (don't panic this is a normal process that the body goes through when muscles are pushed) but rest and reward. That's what my trainer used to say. (I am going to be taking my own advice once again very soon !) Nice to meet you.

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