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Wk8 R3

Week 8 done! I'm so pleased I forced myself out. Have a bit of a headache and a lot of work to do, it's cold and windy... Excuses, excuses, I thought and just went for it.

Have no idea how long the run was as my argus app went berserk and thinks I ran 7.5km! In any case it doesn't matter, it's was 28 minutes and probably a slow pace as I decide to listen to The News Quiz rather than music.

Week 9 next! Eeek!

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It was cold and windy today... but you just ran for 28 mins.. :) well done catmay.

You will smash week 9.. graduation beckons. :)

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Brilliant job! Bet that run blew the cobwebs (and hopefully the headache) away. :) just posted to you on the other thread, but let us all know how you go with week 9, I'll be watching out for you. We can do this, just 3 more runs to go! X

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