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W4R3 done!

Finally finished run 3! I was doing ok until the last 5 minute run, when I got a stitch and my legs began to feel heavy and tired. But I pushed through and continued running and finished it (the stitch magically disappeared). This week has been very, very difficult and I'll probably do the podcast at least one more time - especially since I didn't technically finish run 2 because of ankle and hip pains.

Does it get better? Not easier, just better.

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Oh yes, it definitely gets better! You get bitten by the running bug - and then you're lost😎 Then you want to run. You chafe and get grumpy when you can't run. You actually look forward to the next run - which is of course often a disappointment! And then out of the blue there will be a good run which makes it all worth while.

It normally happens around the end if W5!


I'm there already! I look forward to my runs and schedule my entire day around them. ALL I talk about is running and Couch to 5k...I think my friends are sick of me :)

But I'm just frustrated this week because I had an excellent W3. W3R3 was my best run and left me on such a high, so a bad W4 is very frustrating. Slowly and steadily onwards!


Not always easy...and really tests you sometimes; but you did it, pushed through and finished.

Unfortunately you are hooked now, and as you say you will continue to tell everyone about running. It is a sickness..but it is great!!!!! :)

Well done you, onwards and upwards!


I am hooked, and it's great :) thanks!

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My man just rolls his eyes


Well done Shivani,

Yes better...

There is the magic of when you notice you are breathing in a normal rythmn and your legs feel like they know what they are doing to look forward to.... :)

Not yet though. Keep going, do week 4 again if you don't feel like you have cracked it yet. Its good for stamina building to repeat runs... then soon you will get a lovely surprise... :) :)


Thanks! I'm looking forward to the long runs, whenever I get there...

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Well done Shivani , yes this programme will challenge you physically and mentally , but you did the right thing, you dug your heels in and kept going - Hurrah !

Well done , slow and steady is the way forward . It will all come together . I kept forgetting to breathe on my early runs , not recommended ha ha !

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-D xxx


Thank you! :)


Well done :) I'm a couple of days behind you and completed week 4 today. I never thought I'd look forward to running - I'm on holiday for 2 weeks from next week and already thinking I'm going to miss it (I may be able to get a run in on the 2nd week but definitely not the first).

I got my first stitch today - Laura's breathing tips seemed to do the trick


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