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W4R3: done!


Good Friday morning to you all. :-)

Well, week four is now complete. Another nice early morning run in the mist and ever-so-fine gentle misty drizzle: it was lovely! The run itself was.... tough. More so than I was expecting; I just think I lacked energy this morning, for some reason, despite sleeping really well, which probably, thinking about it, was the problem! But anyway, despite the continual underlying struggle, I got through. The last few runs I've done more than I really should have, purely due to going too far out and taking little rambling detours; today I went a decent way out but didn't overdo it, with no detours, wanting to properly stick to the program without going over.

About a minute through the first five-minute run I did wonder if I could manage it as I was struggling a bit but on I went; half way through the final five-minute run I perked up and was fine. Couldn't get my breathing rhythm for most of the run, but that too corrected itself by the end. What concerned me the most was little niggles and 'pains' which came on yesterday and caused a little confusion. A little discomfort at the top of the left thigh: with how it felt I did worry about a stress fracture of the femur (!) toward the rear of it, but then later in the day I felt it in the front. And then elsewhere. And now it's gone. (though emerged for a short while in the run) Not particularly painful, just a discomfort. It seems to have gone now though. Probably just muscle tightness/soreness. And the same with my right leg. Part of me worried about shin splints/stress fractures there too but as it comes and goes in various locations on the leg, I'm guessing just muscle soreness/tightness. At any rate, I brought myself in a bit and stuck to the program and didn't really go over like I had been doing previously and will keep an eye on things. Everything seems fine now; hills went by without issue or problem. No acute soreness when I press and poke about with the leg, so I think my body is probably just getting used to the stresses placed upon it. Or maybe the new shoes are taking some getting used to; who's to say - could be anything!

Now to look forward to week five, which I start on Monday! It's a challenge but I can do it - we all can!

Onward to week five; happy running, all! :-)

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Brilliant, ace, fab, and any other superlative you care to insert! The 'wiser than me' runners will know about the injury niggles so I will just stick to quiet awe and congratulations! Well done you, you will ace week 5......call me mystic meg for i can see that future!!!

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to e174

Why, thank you very kindly, oh positive provider of motivatory enthusing! :-) I do believe you: next week will go great! I was probably just having an off-day; they happen and I pushed through. It's a nice sense of achievement for having done so, oh mystic one! No real pains so far; I did run in my old shoes though just to rotate them a bit. Probably doesn't help that I ride a motorcycle as my only form of transport; (not while running, of course!) it's not the most cramped position a bike can offer, but it's a little cramped, especially in the legs, so that may be a contributing factor.


Well done Miles. I can't believe we have done four weeks now!!

I felt better with the run today. Did not get much sleep and then got up late I thought "oh no - its not going to be good"

I won't lie, it was not easy, but compared to Wednesday, my legs did not feel so heavy and I found the recovery time a lot quicker, so all in all I am pleased this morning.

Onward to Week 5

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to Redskins03

Thanks Redskins! :-) Glad you had a better run this morning; it's great to be able to move on to week five now, isn't it? I'm quite excited by the prospect of the step-up! Waking up feeling like I've not slept too well always makes me worry too. Though last night I was asleep before nine and slept right through until four this morning and still struggled though I think lots of sleep can be just as bad as not enough! Good luck with W5 (!) R3 on Monday! Really can't believe how quick C25K is passing!


Just had a very tough W4R3 so happy to hear I am not the only one, my breathing was rubbish, my knee hurt and the second 5 min run was really tough on my limbs but I had got the breathing a bit sorted by then. Of course the fog, rain and cold didn't help but the main thing is we all got there in the end and onwards and upwards to Week 5 and that dreaded 20 min run next Friday!

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to Nellyharte

Sounds like you had a similar run to me this morning, Nelly! Mine was mostly the same; perked up and sorted my breathing part way through the last five-minute run, but until then it was really hard work. I quite welcomed the bit of rain this morning; really cooled me down a bit. I was so surprised as run two wasn't as much of a struggle, nor run one really, but that certainly was earlier! Next Friday's run will be much better - all twenty minutes of it! Bring it on!


Well done on completing Week 4. Generally, it's best to stick to the programme as it is - going over and doing more can put you at risk of injury as the programme is designed to progress you at a safe rate. Week 5 is interesting because there are three different runs. With regard to the 'dreaded' R3 of that week - it's not as bad as you may think and very achievable. Good luck with your first run of week 5 and best wishes.

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you, Fitmo, and yes, I heartily agree: lesson learnt. I think I got excited by running (I really enjoy it, even when having a 'bad' run) and felt okay to go a bit further, but though I, mentally, felt I could chuggle on a bit further, various parts of me disagreed, it seems, but hopefully it's lesson learnt and no real harm done. The aches are less today; whether that's to cutting the distance or going back to my old shoes or a combination of the two, I'm unsure. I'll stick to the program from now on and increase my distance steadily when C25K is complete. And that's really encouraging to know; I am quite looking forward to week five actually! :-)


Thank you, Kitty! :-) I'm strangely looking forward to next week! I hope your aches and strains aren't too bad? The niggle of my left thigh has now cleared up, just the odd twinge now from my right calf muscle and the outside of my right knee now, and occasionally my lower back, but I suppose it's to be expected when new to running! Thank you; I shall, of course, keep the community here informed!


Oh oh!!!. Final run of week 4 tomorrow. Hopefully it goes ok. I cannot believe we are only a week from a 20 minute run!!!!

Hidden in reply to runner56

Believe it! Also believe it is achievable and you will have a real buzz about you afterwards.

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