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Just did the first run in week 2, and I struggled starting out. I didn't think that the extra 30 seconds of running would kill me, but it was difficult. I slowly found my groove around halfway through. It was difficult, but a nice way to start out the week. It really feels like I am working towards something which is nice. I am hoping with this and really starting to eat healthy (which is challenging in itself) I will be onto the healthier me. Just hard starting out..

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Well done Kelcey, you did it! Just keep plodding away and you will progress. I've just completed week 7 and felt just like you during the first few runs. The first weeks really feel challenging but keep going, it's really worth it. If you feel like you need to repeat runs until you feel comfortable to move on then do so, you're doing this for yourself and it doesn't matter how long you take. Enjoy the experience!

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