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W2R1 Done! Feeling great!

So that's it! W2R1 done already!! I enjoyed it so much! At first it was hurting my legs but after that I was really starting to get into the swing of things and really started to enjoy it! Soooo glad I went out, really wasn't in the mood for it ;) Thanks to my dad "Idolitorus" for coming out with me, I don't think I could have done it without him, his motivation is what keeps the mind gremlins from taking over ;)

Looking forward to W2R2 in a days time! :D

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Well done you! It's hard when you're not in the mood but feels great when you do it. Keep it up!


Well done. The runs you do when you don't really want to count for triple points ... er ... in some pointy something ... they count for triple, anyway. Or maybe quintuple. Whatever. In addition, if you get to enjoy such a run, you're further on your way to the point where you just run because you run one day. This is even better than than scoring septuple or heptuple or something points. :D


Well done Boy Wonder ! Its really great that youre running with your Dad , Batman .

The Dynamic Duo ! :-)

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxxx


Whoop whoop! Keep going!!!!! It's a great feeling and each week makes for more belief, more grinning, fitness etc. the hard part is getting started so well done 😀


Well done BB

It's great when you have someone with you to give advice & motivation and a bit of a laugh as well.

I had a friend of mine who's a member on here giving me some motivation while I was doing the programme, it certainly helps..


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