I want to run more! But week 4 looks scary :(

Finished week 3 today. Starting week 1 I thought 3 runs a week would be far too much but I'm doing 4/5 now because I'm itching to get out!

However... week 4 is daunting me. I have read lots of comments about week 4 and it sounds difficult to begin with but gets easier.

I know I should have a rest day but I'm starting week 4 tomorrow. Especially in this weather its so nice to have a breeze on me and then get back and have a cold shower.


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  • Week four is not so bad, honestly - just plug away and you'll get there. each week brings its own challenges and rewards, and by the end of week four you'll feel a real sense of achievement. I skipped a few rest days in the early weeks too, but as the runs lengthen it really does help to rest (or do other types of exercise) between them - your body does need the time to recover and rebuild.

  • It's definitely worth having a rest day. Especially in this hot weather, you don't want to overtire yourself. Aside from that, have faith in the program: it's designed to get you running safely. So long as you take the rest days, you will find it a cinch.

  • The rest day really is part of the programme. Not only for recovery purposes, which is vital, but also to increase your anticipation and hunger to get back out there. Leave it a day and the next run won't feel anything like as daunting. You'll be champing at the bit!

  • Hi CM, really, don't worry about it. You'll be fine I promise. You already know that you can run for 3 minutes as you did that in week 3. The 5minute run in the middle of W4 is followed by a thoroughly relaxing 2.5 minutes (yes 150 seconds) of recovery time. When you're running for 5 minutes just think about the upcoming recovery.

    Trust in Laura, run slowly and you'll be great.

    Tell us how it goes!

  • Don't let people scare you into thinking any week is worse; they're all hard in one way or another. Get out there and enjoy it. If you find it's too much, you won't be frowned upon for needing some extra time to adjust. However, it sounds like you're more than ready. I'm doing week 5 run 2 tomorrow and I am very excited.

  • You need to take the rest days between runs!

  • I, too, was dreading starting week 4, especially in this heat! I did my W4R1on Monday though and it was fab. The 5 min runs were hard, yes, but you've been building up to it. When Laura announced that I was 4 mins through the last 5 min run, I nearly squealed with joy (didn't want to scare the muggles though). I was SO proud of myself for running a combined total of 16 mins.

    Also, use your rest days! I know what you mean by just wanting to run all the time but you don't want to burn yourself out. Maybe do something else like swimming on your rest days, or there's the other NHS podcast, strength and stretch(?), that you can do instead.

  • Don't overthink each week - yes they are all challenging but take it a run at a time, slow down if struggling and most definitely take a rest day! If you do consecutive day runs you may find you don't do as well which affects your morale and also makes you more prone to injury which would put you out for action.

    But hey well done for being keen and getting this far - you will be amazed at how far you will be able to run. Good luck

  • Do take your rest days. It's really important. And enjoy Week 4. I finished Week 4 Run 1 with a really stupid grin on my face, and the music track in the cool-down five minutes said it all...

  • Agree with all the above. I completed week 4 yesterday, and I'll do the last run again on Friday and start week 5 on Monday. Can you swim in between days? When I do I ache much more than when I run, and feel tired I a different way. Don't worry - in weeks to come you will be running practically non-stop, so take it easy while you can

  • I swim 4 times a week as it is - I'm a competitive swimmer, but anything land based I am terribly unfit and unco-ordinated hence following this plan. I also need to lose 10kg which for me swimming doesn't really help with as I am so used to it.

    Thanks for the advice :)

  • Just done week 4 run 1......at 7.15am. Wad raring to go. Calves feel worked!! Second 5 min run was harder........but i did it.....so can you!!!

  • The rest days are important. It's amazing how much easier the runs are after them.

    I also found looking ahead daunting, but the programme is achievable.

    You'll do it! :)

  • I never missed a rest day and I think they are crucial. I went from a total non runner to running 5k in ten weeks and I lost a week due to having my eyes lasered. The programme is so clever but you have to follow it or you can end up injured. The rest days allow your body to repair. there are cross training podcasts from the NHS if you are looking to keep active in-between.

  • Yes, please have a rest day.

    Every week so far has been a challenge so week 4 won't be any different, just a slightly bigger challenge! And you've met every challenge so far yes? So you can do it!

    Having said that, that first 5 min run will take you by surprise - easy it isn't.. but the next one is sooo much better.

    You're doing great, keep up the good work :-) :-)

  • Each run builds on the one before - they're not "scary". If you read too far ahead it looks that way so just take it one run at a time...

    Also - rest - always rest... rest days are awesome and your body says thank you... even 2 rest days are perfectly acceptable... running while exhausted, tired or sore is no fun...

    Happy running!

  • Wow, thanks everyone. I didn't expect so many replies! I'm doing my w4r1 tomorrow now instead so I will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again for advice, this community is so supportive!

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