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Man with a 10K Plan

Hi guys,

I have started using a 10K app and have started 10K training.

C25K has been very helpful to get me this far.

I felt that since I finished C25K, I was lacking a plan. But now I have got the plan back :-)

While following the 10K app, I am able to slowly increase my speed too.

So far, done 2 days of week 9 of 10K app which is equivalent to week 10 as C25K is 9 weeks long.

Fingers crossed!



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Good luck With your plan Ash :)

I have gone my own way of building to 10k less rigid .. hence probably taken me a lot longer but for now that suits me.

Main thing is to do what suits you and works and you carry on enjoying running :)

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Thanks Rob :-)


You'll enjoy it. It's a very lovely time I think. Each week is a fresh plan. You go from 5 to 6 k and each week a fresh challenge and a new distance to work to. It might not go swimmingly all the time though and you might struggle some weeks to progress as you'd like, so you might have to re-do a week. You could throw in a couple of sessions of Stepping Stones podcasts to keep your legs fresh

Take your time. No need to hurry or try and go too fast. It;s more about strength, stamina and building up your lungs

Good luck, and have fun!

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Thanks Miss W.

I am using the Zenlabs 10K app. It goes from 10 min run 1 min walk 4 times to 60 min run.

The result is the same though. In the first week I am running 5K.

I am keeping Mon-Wed-Saturday for the runs. And I am doing Crossfit on Tue-Thu-Saturday and HIll Sprints on Friday.

All good so far! Enjoying it :-)


Hi Ash,

I've recently embarked on a 10K plan too. Which app are you using?

I'm using the fitness22 10K runner app. I did week 10 R1 last night which was back to intervals (5 x 10 mins).

I've decided to use a plan rather that just run a bit further each week as last year that resulted in a injury that saw me on the sofa for 9 months and visiting the physio.

Good luck with your 10K adventure :)

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Thanks Sarah.

I am using the app from Zen Labs Fitness. But it is very similar to the one you are using.

The advantage of the Zen Labs one is they also have Half and Full Marathon apps and that is my eventual goal - to run a full marathon next year.

But the Fitness22 apps are free. I wish they would create half and full marathon apps too :-)

Good luck to you too!


Fitness22 do have a half marathon app - it's called 21k.

I'm not sure about the full marathon app though....?

I only really found their apps because when I was re-doing c25k following an injury the NHS version wouldn't download properly onto my phone - but i'm really glad I did.


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