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Most trusted 10k training plan?

I've only just graduated and I'm having a couple of weeks of just running and seeing how it goes, but I do like to have a plan to keep me motivated so I'm looking ahead to working towards a 10k (I'm in no great rush though!)

One big thing that got me through the C25k was that I completely trusted the plan. I was just wondering what the most popular bridge to 10k plan is on here and if anyone has any tips? xx

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Do the runs for fun...pure joy runs...and consolidate the 30 minute runs and vary distances and routes... then move to the C25K+ podcasts.. they are really useful!

Stepping Stones and Speed and Stamina.... all guiding you on with different disciplines:)

Then maybe when you feel ready move to Bridge to 10K for extra advice and support... you will find a few of us over there..:)

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Thanks, I have been trying the c2k+ podcasts, enjoying them so far! Trying to find the balance between having enough structure to keep motivated and not pushing too far too soon! Xx

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Oldfloss is right. Just consolidate for a while and enjoy your running.

You can then start to increase with 3 runs a week, 1X5K, 1X interval or fast 3K and then a longer run. The golden rule is not to increase your total weekly distance by more than 10%. It's also a good idea to reduce weekly mileage every 3 weeks or so or repeat the same mileage as the week before.

As with the C25K programme, take it slowly, stretch, take your rest days and try to cross train on your rest days. Apart from that, enjoy the ride 🤗

Congratulations on your graduation btw.


Thanks for your reply, sound tips there. I've been doing C25+ podcasts the last couple of weeks, speed Monday, stamina Weds and parkrun Sat - so far so good. I might use the Wednesday runs to start increasing the weekly distance as recommended. Thanks again :) xx

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Sounds great. Enjoy!


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