New challenge towards 10K

It was as if I am dreaming. Two years ago I met a man jogging and he said that he run 10K twice a week, and I was very surprised thinking that is impossible for me.

After i graduate C25K, I have done the week 9 run twice and now I have started the 10k training which is really great and I am on the second week which means I did W10 Run 2 Yesterday and I run for 8 KM that is amazing progress for me.

Running starting to be my life and I can feel how fit I am getting

Thanks for all of you who encouraged me.


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  • I am also entering a 5K running race on the 6th of September 2015 to show my support to the people who are suffering from the heart problem. I am targeting to raise a fund to the amount Β£100 any donation will be so important and helpful even Β£1 is great.

    Please do donate following the link below. All the fund is going to the Heart research UK and will help to children with a heart problem.

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  • Congratulations on your new target :) I funnily posted today about working towards 10K but am following my own plan which seems to be working ! When is your 10K ?Good luck with your progress

  • Thanks Golddust!

    The plan is to run for 6 consecutive weeks after graduate from C25Kwhich is

    1st- week if you are starting from scratch but if you are joining after graduate from C25K you can start from 9th week

    1st- week (9th week from 10K) 10 min run 1 min walk to repeat 4 times

    2nd week(10th week from 10K) 15min run 1 min walk to repeat 3 times

    3rd week (11th week of 10K) 17 min run 1 min walk to repeat 3 times

    4th week (12th week of 10K) 18 min run and 1 min walk repeat three times

    5th week (13th to 10K) 25 minutes run 1 min walk repeat 2 times

    6th week( 14th to 10K) 60 min run

    all requires warm up and cool down of 5 min brisk walk

    so I am on the 2nd week which means i am only 4 weeks away

    thanks again

  • Hi Mulux.

    Is this 10k a programme or podcast or something like that, or just a routine you follow?

    I suppose I'm asking if there is a downloadable podcast a la Laura, as I have got on so well with C25K and I am nearing graduation.


  • Hi Idolitorus.

    It sounds like the app I downloaded. Bridge to 10k - bluefin inc.

    Hope that helps


  • It is a 10k App you can download for free from apple store or play store

  • Ah shame I don't have an IPhone but as you have kindly listed what I have to do I will follow that ! Thank you :)

  • It is also available from android

  • Do you know what it is called my running phone is an Android my usual phone is a windows phone not good for aps but excellent at reading and sending texts through my car so has its uses ! x

  • I'm going to try that thank you is it a podcast ?

  • There are dropbox links to both the blue fin 10K and the Sami Murphy one here in the pinned posts. I think they are the same or very similar, the music is different on each. You could also download a programme from myasics. xx

  • Thank you I will find the links sounds like a perfect way to get to 10k and I am really up for it starting tonight ! x

  • It is an app here is the link

  • Sami Murphy is a blast! My fave running podcast of all time

    I love Cheap Trick "Surrender" It makes me laugh and helps pull me round

    Good luck with your 10 k quests folks. 10 k is a fab distance to nail

  • Tried the first one 10 mins x 4 tonight wasn't too bad as have been running for 35 mins regularly but I am really sweating now and it was cooler tonight so must have worked harder ;) I am really looking forward to the challenge :)

  • Great work!

    It seems that lowering the performance from the 30 minute (35 min in your case) to 4 times 10 minutes run but the walking interval between is just one min and helps a lot for the next coming challenges.

    I would stick to eat you will do 15 min three times soon then 22 min twice, you will feel the different.

    It works for me

  • I decided 10 mins wasn't really enough so did the 15 mins last night really happy with that did 7.16km !! :) How often do you run these? ;)

  • Well done! Ridingstar

    I run three times a week On Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    I also do park run on Saturday to see how my performance is improved.

    If you did the 15 minute three times having a day rest in between, the next is 17 min interval for three days a week then ....

    that is great Keep it up you are really doing well

  • Wow that's a lot of running I need the rest days to keep my knees happy ! I will have to do it a bit slower so I can do a park run as well. So I will have to do each week over 8/9 days ;) I love having structure back in my running :) :)

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