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Week 6 run 3


It is done! I ran for 25 minutes 🙂 I won't say it was all plain sailing. It seemed a shorter spell getting from 5 to 12.5 minutes than from 12.5 to 20 minutes I thought the 5 minutes to go was never going to happen! But I ran the whole thing, only wish I could take an hour nap now 😂 But off to collect my very lively 7 year old from school - walking of course!

Respect for anyone else who has made it this far, especially those of us carrying more than a few extra pounds.......

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Yay well done, I have got this to do tomorrow. I carry far more than an extra few pounds around! I bet you feel fabulous now you have conquered it.

The mile walk to get my son an hour later was the slowest crawl I have ever done! I hear you On the more than a few extra pounds!!


Wow - well done, my next run is W6R2 and then the long one either Friday or Saturday - posts like yours make me believe I can do it too!

Of course you can do it! I am classed as clinically obese, having said that I don't weigh myself anymore so I may have dropped into very overweight. I am slow it I am doing it 😊

hel212000Graduate in reply to Craftywomble

I'm combining c25k with weight watchers, it isn't easy and I'm not the fastest looser but I'm giving it my best shot! I don't like looking at my bmi :(

The longer it takes the better chance of keeping it off! So important to remember there are so many health benefits to running. Weight is just a small part of a much bigger picture 😊


Well done :) keep going you are doing just fine

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