Couch to 5K

a whole year of running

this time last year I went to the gym armed with my walkman & did my first run of C25K. it was hard, soooo hard, that first run. I got off the treadmill hot & bothered with a red face, sweating buckets & felt quite giddy (a bit like sea-sickness till I got used to the treadmill).

the most I had run prior to finding this plan was 1min40seconds. as part of joining the gym you get shown how to use the machines & it had taken me a month to get to running that & wanting to run further. after looking for a plan & finding a podcast that wasnt an app for a fancy phone, I trusted this plan as it was on the NHS site so I thought it would be safe.

week 1 done, week 2 done & I think it was about week 3 or 4 when I joined Kate1991s diary & she spurred me on as Kate was about a week ahead of me. sharing my runs & not wanting to put on there that I had failed was what I needed & it was brilliant knowing Kate could do it (even though she is younger than my eldest). week 3 was such a big personal achievement for me. running 3 minutes was the greatest feeling ~ it also made me believe that the plan might actually work :) week 4 was where it all fell into place when I found my "pace" & sorted my breathing out. week 5 & the mental challenge dealt with :) but week 6 was horrible after feeling I was invincible. going back to intervals wasnt easy. week 7, 8 & 9, the longer I ran the redder I got & this hasnt left me unfortunately. graduated C25K on 27th May 2011.

just before Christmas CaroleC & me worked our way through B210K. first week of that plan was a nightmare. it was week 6 all over again, so I gave it 4 tries & moved on to week 2 which was hard but manageable. graduated my 10K on 22nd December 2011 & even figured out how to run & drink at the same time.

new year, new plan, again with CaroleC. currently on week 11 of a Bupa Beginners 10mile plan & have taken my running outside. yesterday I ran for an hour which is the longest outside for me. last week I ran for 84mins on the treadmill (8miles) again the most for me. & my next run is supposed to be 90mins aaarghhhh

so this is my story so far. Ive signed up for a Race for Life in July with my daughters aged 12, 13 & 15 who all now have the running bug :) 15 year old on week 2 & other 2 on week 6.

if I can do it (someone who hasnt run for 25 years, except after the kids or for a bus) then you can too. believe in Laura & she will get you there :)

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That's so great Shelley and so inspiring! I'm still a relative newbie, only being on week 7, but loving it so much and hoping to go on to do 10K runs (but I need to crack the 5k first haha!)

It must be great to have your daughters running with you now, one of mine is showing interest so that's good.

But, bad news on the redness, I was hoping the longer I got into it the more my face would calm down, but if that's my only concern then it's good really.

Congratulations on a fantastic running year! :)



that was really wonderful to read - thank you and well done!

I just started week 9 and have such a red face!

I bet if you just did 30min you'd be alright!

Beth x


nope, still have red face after 30mins. only difference is that it disappears after about half hour :)


Congrats Shelly! Wow I can't believe it's been a year already - it's really flown by hasn't it? It made me smile thinking about when we were first doing C25K. I remember on the 20 minute run thinking "I can't tell Shelly I failed!" which got me though it in the end. So thank you for keeping me going! :D

Good luck with the rest of your 10 mile plan - you'll have to do a big post when you finish it!

Congrats again - you're awesome :)


hiya Kate. hows the B210K goin? you must be nearing the end now.

yep, between the support on here, your support & my darling hubby & kids who had/have to listen to my new love I couldnt have gone through it & made it to the end :)


wow shelley.. thanks for posting that, im sure it'll inspire so many people (i know it inspires me big time) thank you..

p.s how do you run and drink? cant manage that myself without practically smothering!!!

well done to you :)


As our American friends would say - AWESOME !


What a fabulous read, thanks so much for sharing it :) I think you're fabulous and I am , as the young folk say well jel!!!! Wish I could run for 30 minutes let alone 84!!! Woop! to you girlfriend ;) xx


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