5x50 Challenge - I just joined - we only need 4 more of us to make it a round 50

Thank you fellow bloggers for inspiring me one again to keep going and rise to even greater challenges. I graduated last July and managed my first 5 km race at the end of the year. I just stopped running for a month due to a nasty chest cold but need to get back on track for a 10 km race at the end of April. This 50x50 challenge sounds just like the group-supported event I need to get me there.

So really looking forward to doing this....I'll try and recruit another member too before the day's out - my twin sister who did the C25K with me.

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  • I joined about an hour ago.

  • Great.

    Come on everyone! I'm a 52 year old late starter who can now run for 30 minutes thanks to this great community and programme. If I can do this.......

  • 48 in the team now.

  • I just joined too !!!

  • Welcome on board!

    Team WeightWatchers still has 45! :D

  • We're at 48 now I think.

    Just need 2 more by Sunday.

  • Fantastic and welcome to the team! We now have 50 members, how brilliant is that?! :)


  • Great news!

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