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Week 8 Run 1

Over the weekend I have been out walking, up and down hills, through thick mud and probably totalled 13-14 miles. Yesterday my left calf was aching, and it still was this morning. I honestly thought that I wouldn't be able to run today, how wrong was I.

This has to be my best run yet, stopped after 30 minutes, although I felt like running longer. It is so weird, sometimes I struggle and have to really push myself, at other times everything seems to fall into place, and I'm top of the world. Looking forward to run 2 on Wednesday.

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Brilliant feeling isnt it!


Hi SolNaveen, it certainly is a fantastic feeling. Good luck for run 2 this week xx


It's great when you get a 'fell into place run', such a buzz. For me week 8 was the best so far and I spent the whole week feeling on top of the world, I really felt that both the 5K and the 30 minutes were achievable and felt so close to graduation. All my week 8 runs felt great and I hope this is the same for you. Enjoy the feeling.


Hi Slowstart, I too hope that week 8 will be better than the rest. All the best for your graduation, can't be far off now xx


Well done.. sometimes, we truly amaze ourselves...! Brilliant!

Often it is when we last expect it too... you are getting so close now, so take it slow and steady ... :)


Fingers crossed for 3rd March as the day I graduate. I am still amazed that I can run for 30 minutes without stopping. I can't stop telling people about this programme, it truly is fantastic and the people on this forum are so supportive and caring, I love it xx


Wow... so exciting! Its is unbelievable isn't it. Way back, running for five minutes seemed life changing!

I'm a pain telling folk about it too, always rambling on about, who said what, and who's doing what!

But as you, say,the support and the empathy people show on here is truly incredible.

I feel like you, I just love it:)

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