W3R1, motivation from you lovely lot!

W3R1, motivation from you lovely lot!

Had to lever myself out of bed this morning, the best motivation is seeing how everyone else is doing...I read about Secan and Jan now runs and decided I wasn't going to get as far as them laid in bed, so up and out! The 3 minutes were hard but surprisingly do-able and as a bonus my furry running companion found a ball on the way home 😊

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  • I find the site really motivating - other people's successes do make you feel that you too can achieve the same results. Good luck with the programme.

  • Yeay! Well done you. Onwards and Upwards!

    I am about to lever myself out too..late today!

    You've inspired me to move myself! Post later! :)

  • And a lovely post it was too, Lady Floss! I love nature and I can really envisage your runs from the descriptions you give 😊

  • Well done Newbie_Pam, i am hoping to start W3 tonight so will report back tonight but agree everyone on here motivating you is a big boost.

  • Good luck Butch, I was a bit worried about the increase, but the whole session seemed to go more quickly?? I'll be interested to know how you found it?

  • The program is amazing, isn't it? 60 seconds seems so long on that first run, yet you've already tripled the distance! Remember sometimes to look back and appreciate just how far you have come and just how well you are doing. :)

    Well done, keep it up!

  • Good for you Pam. Enjoy every single moment of this brilliant programme!

  • ...and you in turn motivated me to get out and attack week 3 after a slow start this morning! Thank you :-)

    This is the week I've been dreading after finding it so difficult during my first attempt at the programme, but my head is in a much better place this time around and I also found it surprisingly doable. Now (finally!) feeling excited about what is to come!

  • Blimey, never occurred to me I might motivate someone else, you've made my day 😊

  • hey new here (posting anyway i have been lurking in the corner since week one). ive also just done w3 r1 i know what you mean about it seeming quicker although it was a bit of a mental battle especially when i realised there was only a 3 minute cool down walk. legs felt more sore durning and after than the other runs but I think that is partly because I went running straight from work (and my fit bit said I had already done 10k steps as i started the podcast) Wednesday and Friday will be my run 2 and 3 I will try and update after them as well wednesday is also going to be an after work session but friday isnt so should be a lot easier

    i'm doing mine on a treadmll so far... weather has been so bad that i decided rather than waiting for better weather to start the program my plan is that when the weather does dry out i'll start the series again (maybe from 2 or 3) to retrain myself to running outside because i know it will be different but at least i should have some of the skills and stamina

  • Hello! It's good you're finding ways to manage the runs, I've been struggling to fit 3 in and have a rest day, doubt I'd be motivated enough to go out after work!

    I mistimed yesterday (again!) and ended up with a long walk home, so my cool down was a bit longer than 3 mins, and I still felt cheated of those 2 minutes!

    Keep up the good work 😊

  • Well done Pam and pooch ! :-)

    That looks such a lovely place to run, lucky you ! :-)

    Youre doing great , keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you 😊

  • thanks for the reply pam i managed to make wk3 r2 again after work on the tread mill I made it through but i think i may have to visit the running shop tomorrow because the leg burn throughout was really intense although it doesnt seem to take very long for them to reccover and i didnt have any discomfort at all yesterday which i though i would after mondays run so i dont think my trainers are 2 bad i'm just hoping that decent trainers may ease it I dont want to get injurer and have to give up the program I'm committed now. i find it easier to go to the gym straight from work if I went home in-between it would be a very different story

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