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Motivation...motivation that's what I need..

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For those old enough you are probably singing the title to this post to the record breakers theme music if you were not then you probably are now, and for those too young to know what I am babbling on about bare with me... ;)

Having passed the c25k I am struggling with the motivation to get up and get out now, I have tried over the last few weeks to make a regular 3 times a week, but R.L. (real life) gets in the way.

I have contemplated morning runs but there is no way unless i can rewire my brain to go to bed early to get up early that that is ever going to happen.

at a real loss as to what i can do, as the dark nights are not helping either. would a running club help? have also contemplated a running machine at least then i can run when i want in the comfort of my on home (well garage at least).

I've even got an event i need to train for, for charity next year which isn't motivating me at all, this has happened before when i did the c25k a couple of years ago.

How do you all keep motivated once c25k is done and dusted, especially on the cold dark autumn/winter nights?

Cheers in advance guys/gals, look forward to the advice.

steve aka the womblejogger

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If you want to run you will! If you don't, you will look for reasons not to. It's in your hands

It's easier just to do it. 🙂👍

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teehee - it is easier just to do it, but then, if it was really easy, we wouldn't need the plan, the motivational posters, quotes ...

Can you find a running club, how does the idea of running with Other People feel to you? Or a virtual one? (Hello! Surely this is the best virtual running club!)

What about planning in advance - the amazing calendar one of the people here posted a while ago so they could fit running into a busy teacher's life. Calendar + reminders on phone?

Or how about something a bit different - I looked up "good gym" because I'd seen it mentioned here, and it looks good, a running club with a difference (though the runs are much shorter, at least you'd be going somewhere with a plan).

I personally quite enjoy running in the dark, as long as I've found a decent route (I might need a torch soon) - the funk and soul show just doesn't sound right at 9am in the weak sunshine. I totally understand the morning thing - note how I said 9am as that's as early as my "morning" runs are at the moment! But maybe the right soundtrack will stop you being put off by the dark evenings?

Good luck!

PS I'm totally old enough to have sung the Record Breakers theme here, but surely the original fits! (how dedicated are you? You aren't aiming to break any world records... are you?)

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The thing that worked for me motivation wise was doing the programme with someone else - luckily we are both at the same level of fitness (practically nil to start with) so go at the same pace. I'm sure I would have not beed as good at doing my three times a week if it I didn't feel I would let someone else down if I didn't turn up. Do you know anyone who might go out with you? I have no experience of running clubs, but they might work the same way, with the advantage of being a bit social too. I'm sure you won't give up - it would just be a waste of all the effort you've already put in.

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Firstly, I remember that show and very aptly in this case the song goes: "Dedication's what you need..."

I find I am running less now the mornings are darker (used to go before work in the week) I spend all week pining to get out and run, then come Sunday morning I drag myself out of bed, all desire gone and questioning my sanity for doing this.

Without fail I find getting up difficult, but, I make me do it. And so far, never once have I ever regretted going out for a run.

However, on a few occasions during my fledgling running life I have succumbed to the gremlins, and each and every time I regretted it.

Dedication, not motivation is what you need Mr WJ

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runningnearbeirutGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

Exactly. Dedication's what you need. Just what I was going to say.

To be fair though, in the context of the original, those dedicated people did have something to aim for. Set yourself a target and see yourself through. The target can just be "running 3 times a week every week" or signing up for an event or going through a training programme to aim for a pb at park run or aiming to run 60km a month and so on. That's one of the joys of running - you do what you want. But you have to want to run.

Always a million reasons not to run. Only one to go. No choice.

Lay out your running gear. Set the alarm. Wake up. Go out. Run

No choice (ask yourself how will I feel if I don't do this?)

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thanks folks .... much appreciated on the comments, have my gear ready for a run this evening and will then plan ahead and stick to it, will also look at the local running club see whether they have any spaces going, deffo at the time where i think i need a group mentality to get me to the next stage, funny how on my first journey through c25k (nearly 5 years ago) i managed fine what a strange womble i am ;)

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Why did you start?

Has that situation changed?

If you don't run, you don't maintain the health benefits.

There's nothing on the telly.

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womblejoggerGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

why did i start: to get fitter and to train for a charity run next year

has the situation changed: no still have the charity run and if anything i'm putting on more weight

will wholeheartedly agree on the telly front, not sure why motivation is at an all time low, seasonal change maybe ... ?

tried to get up for a run this morning and felt so tired even after an early night last night.

going to try again this evening, got to drag my sorry a*se out somehow lol

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womblejoggerGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

went out for a run last night and nailed it, realised i have to be committed to this which i am and that with a great support network on here and at home any little glitches along the way will quickly get sorted out, thanks for the virtual kick up the backside everyone i certainly needed it, now here's to the 10k target

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