A lovely 9K


Well chuffed. I had to walk the steeper hills (OK, all the hills) and I had to stop for a few breathers, but this is by far the furthest I have run.

Loving it, and even the rain didn't put me off.

I think I might upgrade my '5K every other day' to an actual training plan as those hills really were a killer. Maybe a speed session, a hill session, a 5K and then a long meandering run like this at the weekend.

We will see whether I can actually get out of bed the next few days I guess :-).


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16 Replies

  • Well done and good to mix things up, i cut out a hill from my runs but think i need to include it back in to mix my own runs up.

  • Hey well done! Ran 8 today and already seized up slightly even though I did a proper cool down and stretching etc. Will be Epsom Salts tomorrow I reckon 😏

  • Brilliant! 9k incl. hills... you are progressing fast!

  • The only hills I want to see are downwards 😂 Well done

  • That was some temperature you was out in too- well done :)

  • Thanks all :-)

  • Just realised I've posted tonight and also used the expression 'chuffed'! Wasn't copying you, honestly!

  • Fartleks Yatesco. I promise they'll help and while punishing are also good fun.

    Congratulations on a great run. Nothing wrong with walking up hills.

  • Well done! That's a great distance. I see you've managed to get your cadence up aswell. Mixing things up is good and does help. I've been fooling around with Speed and last week actually did W1R1 again, but instead of walking I slowed down and tried to do the running bits faster. It was interesting and quite fun. I only managed 7 minutes of fast running though!

  • I had exactly the same thought, doing c25k again but at the speed (and cadence) I want to ultimately run.

  • well done, getting the enjoyment back is great, and getting 9 k is fab! The replies on my post seem to suggest doing either hills or speed once a week though, not both as they can be quite draining, so maybe an enjoyable meandering long run, a normal 5 ish k, and then a hill/ speed run ? No idea myself but sounds like a plan!

  • You are right, now you mention it I think it would be pretty exhausting :-).

  • well technically Irishprincess is right as I just read her advice having not tried it myself!

  • great... and most importantly just enjoy it. Make hills your friend and they will repay you back plenty :)

  • Sounds like a great run yatesco. Hills are fantastic for improving strength - and they do get easier ( please note "easier", not "easy"!)

  • That's great. Well done

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