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Week 7 - mission complete and a minor injury


Competed Week 7 this evening in the howling wind. Starting in January means I've never ran in any decent weather but think tonight was the worst wind so far! It was pushing me back as much as I was pushing forward at times! Running in circles though meant I had it at my back half way too and I was being carried along. My little legs were going like the clappers! All in all a pretty decent run. Enough in the tank at the end for a little spurt 😁

And so to the injury 😢 I've hurt my back!

Bent to pick up three bags of heavy grocery shopping and just felt that trapped nerve feeling. I've had it before. Sometimes it lasts a day sometimes a week or more. I did it before the run and it was just a niggle so decided that movement might help. Hardly felt it at all running. It's worse when walking to be honest. Going to have a nice soak in the bath to see if I can ease it off. Its not agony but it just keeps catching certain ways I move; probably a good job I can't get out again until Friday to rest it.

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Ouch! Always the worst fear - an injury that stops us running. Hope the soak in a warm bath eases it. Are there any gentle stretches you can do to help? 😳


Well done on the run, it hasn't been great with all the wind we have had lately.

Hope your back sorts itself for you soon :)


Ouch, that sounds painful, and trapped nerves can be a right wotsits. I hope it sorts itself out. And if it doesn't, here's a possible cure: Drink a bottle of wine, eat a large steak, have a lovely pudding with a nice large glass of sherry. No, it doesn't do anything to minimise the pain, but it makes life in general more fun ;-)


PumpKim...! Ouch....!

Well done anyway... hope the soak works....try to take it steady x


Oo ouch can sympathize with the bad back prob, mine has been twinging since running again too and yes more when walking never when running. Out Out damned sciatica!!!!

Good luck for week 8 hope your back eases :)


Oh Pumpkim ! Poor you xxxx

Hope the hot bath did the trick , wishing you a speedy recovery xxx


Hope you're feeling better, PumpKim. Maybe the treadmill will help strengthen your back muscles. Looking forward to following your progress - treadmill running is supposed to be a little easier than running outside, so you should waltz it! 😈

PumpKimGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

No luck on the treadmill purchase as yet. I'm bartering. Holding out for a bargain 😁


I'd save your money. Dreadmills! shudder

I hope your back gets better soon. Rest up for a few days though cos there's nothing worse than that low back pain. It's a sod!


Hope your back is getting better. I have also put week 7 behind me. Didn't seem to get much easier but I did manage to seriously up the pace for the last minute of the last run.

Bring on week 8!

Hi PumpKim, not been online til now so just picking up everyone's posts - a huge YAY for completing week 7 and a huge ARGGH for the poorly back, such bad luck, I hope it gets better very soon.

Ooh, are you trying to get hold of a treadmill to keep you going? (when back is better). You are so determined, that's ace :). Hope you manage to get a bargain and if you do, just remember to whack the incline right up or it will be so easy for a fit lady like you :)

Sending you lots of get better wishes x

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