The delights of parkrun

So I finally got round to running my first park run even though I graduated in October. My two targets were: get round the course without falling over and don't come last! πŸ˜‰ Well I accomplished that so I went again this week and knocked a minute off last week's time! It was great fun and I don't know why I didn't try it was a great atmosphere with runners of all abilities shapes and sizes. I am only running twice a week at the moment but I was pleased with my result and will probably make one of my runs a park run from now on and work on getting a time under 30 minutes which I'm not far off from. I'm thinking I could better my time if I start nearer the front but I tend to shy away from the ultra fit people with half marathon t shirts and let them get nearer the starting line! Maybe I need to push through a bit next time! 😊


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  • Well done , parkrun is great event as you say , it took me ages to go once I had graduated , never looked back once I had been

    It is difficult to judge your best starting place , trial and error and depends on your pace too

  • Yes I don't know why I didn't go along sooner but glad I did. Will keep to the back for now and push forward nearer to the start line when I'm not worried about being trampled down by the speedy ones!

  • Fantastic, love park run, I wished I'd gone sooner too, I really miss it now when I can't go, volunteering is good to. I love it, it demands and expects nothing of you, go along, join in, be nice and come away, you can make it whatever you want. You set the goal (if you want one).

    By the way, I run twice a week, it works for me πŸ˜„


  • I think you have summed up parkrun brilliantly Madge! The one I go to is completely flat paths around a lovely park which is just right.when I run around my village I can't go anywhere without a hill, great for stamina but hard work so a flat run is a treat! I was worried twice a week will not keep me fit but actually I can feel I am getting fitter and i am losing a little weight which is odd cos I didn't when I ran 3 times a week!? πŸ˜€

  • I found I kept getting overuse injuries trying to do 3 times a week, as soon as I gave myself a break and 'allowed' two runs, I've gone on in leaps and bounds - well up to 10k, and I am very happy with that. I've added in the occasional low impact, cycling or exercise bike ( I'm a fair weather cyclistπŸ˜„) and I hula hoop - if you want to whittle your waist it works! I have gone down at least one dress size, I don't diet as such, just watch what I eat and try to eat more healthily, i.e less carbs

    Happy running!


  • Ooh hoopla hooping sounds fun! I feel quite encouraged reading your post especially as you have got up to 10k. Working full time only means I can realistically do two runs a week and I try and fit in a yoga session too.i found I was getting injured/too achey doing 3 runs too.thanks for your comments x

  • Well done! I read your post with interest as I also graduated in October and still haven't made it to a Parkrun yet despite it bring one of my goals! I'm up to 10k out on my trails but just keep talking myself out of going for some reason. Not sure what I'm anxious about (that is very me!) but reading your post has made me more determined to get myself to one some time soon, so thank you!☺

  • Hi Sandra sounds like you are making great progress. 5k is the furthest of run so far and at the moment my goal is to increase speed rather than distance but who knows where this running adventure will take me next. I'm sure if you are running 10k on trails then a 5k park run will be like a walk in the park (or run!)πŸ˜€.

  • The sooner you cross the start line the shorter your time will be.

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