Don't often see Elk when running

Don't often see Elk when running

But I did last week. We've been on hols in western Canada and, I'm sorry to say, running has been low on the agenda. But I did manage two runs. I've been promising myself a run round the seawall in Stanley Park, Vancouver ever since I started C25K and I'm really pleased to say I can tick that one off. It's a good 10K in a great venue. My run was on Labour Day, and very hot too, so the park was heaving with people. I didn't record a time (mostly because I'd forgotten to put my running watch on; Doh!) but I know it was slow. Well, on hols wasn't I? The picture attached is on the seawall, just in front of the Girl In a Wetsuit statue. I think we need a picture competition, not of girls in wetsuits, although.... No, [slaps self vigorously] of far-flung places with C25K t-shirts in them.

And then a week went by before the next run in some woodland just north of Banff and there, lying down and minding his own business, was a stonking great bull Elk with a massive set of antlers. I was about 10 metres away from him and I think we mutually agreed not to disturb each other. he carried on lying down and I ran off. We also saw a bear in the woods near Jasper (no, not doing...) but I wasn't running then, although if the bear had started moving towards me I might have been!

But all this infrequent running (and lots of yummy Canadian food & drink) leaves me with a less-than-perfect level of running fitness before the Great Yorkshire Run, two weeks today. Ooh-er, missus; better get those legs moving again.


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20 Replies

  • Love the photo, OldNed and I am jealous. What a wonderful place to run. I have never seen elk, bears or girls in wetsuits on my runs.....I feel cheated.

    Good luck with the Great Yorkshire Run. Is that a half marathon?

  • Thanks IT. The Great Yorkshire is 10K, which is quite enough at this stage! Mind you, it might, just might be a prelude to the Sheffield half-marathon next year.

  • Sounds like the perfect balance of r&r&r - rest and relaxation and running :-)

    Love that you came across an elk - how many of us can say that! Fab photo too.x

  • Thanks Honorsmum; I like the concept of r&r&r. Must bear that in mind as a holiday theme for the future.

  • Wonderful Oldned well done on running around Stanley Park, there is quite a climb up to the point you are at if I remember right. Like the idea of photo's in far flung locations, will have to pop my C25K T into my half packed suitcase. Enjoy your 10K, hope the weather stays good for you, its like winter here today, ugh :(

  • Thanks Oldgirl, there are climbs from the seawall into the centre of the park but it's reasonably flat all around the perimeter. It did seem like quite a long 10K though, although perhaps I'd been distracted by the girl in the wetsuit!!! I'm hoping for warmer weather here for the GYR - it's perishing cold here today too.

  • .... But did you see any panthers??!!!!! Wow Ned I love the pic and what an amazing run . Sounds like a great holiday . Great idea about far flung places. I'm planning on 1 marathon a year when I get to that level in European cities... Paris is number one... Good to have you back!!

  • Do you know, I looked hard for panthers but not one to be seen! I like the "marathons in European cities" plan; Team C25K runs Europe. We'll need a new t-shirt design at this rate!

  • Now there's a business opportunity....C25k European marathon package holidays. The chance to meet all those familiar posters on neutral ground and go running with them. It's a winner all the way.

  • Hmm, think you might be right!

  • Really fancy the Amsterdam Marathon at some point and i'm sure it will be flat :-)

  • Smashing picture, OldNed. You look super fit even if indulging in plenty of R&R.

    I, too, am running 10 km two weeks today and have done very little training,

  • Thanks Swanscot. In a nice illustration of how international Vancouver is, the pic was taken by a passer-by I asked and who turned out to be from Venezuela. I think we were similar distances away from home but in different directions! Best of luck with your 10K; have faith, we can do it.

  • Great photo, great run and great experience Ned! :) Looking forward to hearing about your GYR, can't believe it's here already!


  • Scary isn't it!

  • OMG I love Stanley Park and Vancouver. I am so jealous. Only ever biked around it would love to go back someday and run it.

  • It was pretty good; I'm so glad I did it.

  • If that elk had moved you'd have done a great PB!! Looks a great place. Linda

  • I certainly would Linda; he was a big chap! And Canada was great; love it there. If I was younger, with my working life ahead of me, I'd be very tempted to emigrate.

  • Lovely pic and blog, wish I'd bought my grad shirt on holiday now, what a fab idea. Must remember to take to Berlin in November. Sound like a fantastic run in Vancouver, enjoy the rest of your hols :-)

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