Couch to 5K

Completed Week One with my 6 year old Daughter! Yay!

Today being Saturday meant my partner being in work, so my run had been planned for early evening after he got home from work. However, all week my just turned six year old daughter has been adamant that she wanted to come running with Mummy on the weekend, so that is what we did!

I didn’t think the park across the road would be the best location, especially for Ashton’s first run, so we went to the local lake that is nice and flat. It is about a mile around the lake and we did two laps. My walking pace was slightly slower than usual as she was with me. I was really worried that she would get bored half way round and want to stop and I would have to repeat the run later, but she did brilliant! I knew she was quite fit anyway from the four hours of gymnastics she does per week and practically spriting her recent Sport's Relief mile, but she still surprised me!

The thing I struggled most with was the fact she wanted to chat all the way round, she wasn’t out of breath at all, despite her tiny legs keeping up no trouble. I on the other hand found it a lot more difficult to hold a conversation. I am proud of her, and of course myself for completing week one.

I am still finding the minute running tough, but so much easier on the flat. Eek onto week two now!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend xx

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Wow, her training has started very early..she might become the next Paula Radcliffe!!

Well done on completing week 1 :)


Thank you :)

She will be entering a couple of 1k and 2k runs this year, the fun runs that run alongside the 10ks her Daddy is entering :)


well done on completing week 1. Kids are amazing!


congratulations on completing week one :)


Well done for completing the first week. One of my grandsons could chatter throughout my run and was still faster than me. They are so energetic. Well done Ashton too. :)


Well done to you both x


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