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Virtual challenge for NHS C25Kers

Virtual challenge for NHS C25Kers

I hope this is ok to set this up and to post here. Some of us were disappointed that Jantastic didn't happen this year and so I thought it would be fun to set up a challenge especially for you, best community ever, C25Kers! It is for the whole C25K community, its a challenge with a shared target, so that everyone can contribute their miles or km, no matter how many or few. So whether you are a graduate already, on week 1, or anywhere in between, you can join the C25kers team and challenge here

I'll have walking added, so we can include our warm up/cool downs and any walking intervals too.

Can we hit 5000 miles in 102 days? Its sounds scary, but the C25Kers are top of the club leaderboard for another challenge (The 401 Challenge), so I reckon we can have a good stab at it. You can add your miles to other challenges simultaneously, so what are you waiting for, go join the C25Kers team and get our team name out there, all over the place (lots of other activities on the platform, so other challenges and something for all the family!)


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I think this is a great idea. It might be better suited to the bridge to 10km forum as we try and dissuade monitoring distances too early in the program as it can act to disillusion some members. whereas on the other forum the motivation of working towards a common distance is a great reward for all. It would also be good for any of the members who have joined the 5x50 challenge we could really get some miles going with that as well. if you put a post up on the other forum I will pin the post for you.

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