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Week 6 and struggling

Hi all,

Finding this really tough at the moment. Got to week 6 but after getting out of the routine a bit, I'm finding it so hard. I've been repeating runs but even 5 mins feels hard let alone the 8. I went back to week 5 but struggled with that too. Should I start from the beginning again? I'm signed up for the race for life in June but I'm worried I won't manage it. Thanks

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Sometimes things can get a bit tough especially if something has cropped up that resulted in a change of routine - it can throw things out of kilter a bit. If you struggled with going back to W5 then perhaps you could give week 4 a try and see how you get on with that. If still a struggle then maybe try W3 and go on from there. I think it's a question of finding the level from which you can get back into it. With regard to the Race for Life in June, you could jog some and walk some - I understand they have 3 levels (runners, joggers and walkers) so you should be able to complete it one way or another. I am also signed up for it in June (currently on W7 of C25K) and I am planning to do walk/jog intervals as I feel I can accomplish it that way. Of course, I might find I can do more jogging on the day - who knows.

If it's any help, you could try taking a more philosophical view of the programme. Just go out and enjoy the runs and try not to feel under pressure. I found that quite a useful approach and it's when I started to make some real progress.

I cannot tell you what you must do, only make suggestions which may or may not work for you. We are all different and generally will all find our own level of progress. I'm sure you will manage the R4L when the time comes and, don't forget, you will get plenty of support and encouragement from this community. I am sorry I cannot be of any further help. Good luck, and my very best wishes to you.


Thanks very much for your lovely reply. I think you're right about trying to enjoy it. The pressure definitely increased once I'd signed up for the r4l and I've come home in tears 3 times. Still I've kept at it and I'm not going to give up. I think I will go back to week 4 as you suggest and see how that goes. Thanks


Hi I agree with Fitmo, go out and enjoy yourself and don't put yourself under pressure. The RFL will be there for you to do at whatever pace you choose, so well done for signing up for it. Go steady and slow right down for your 5/8 minute runs if you need to, I didn't think it was possible to go any slower sometimes but it was, as long as you have that running motion and both feet off the ground you are running and you will get there. x


Just to add to what the others have said. Don't beat yourself up about it feeling difficult. Id guess there are very few people that have found it easy. Lucky them if they have. I completed the programme last year and i still go through phases of hard runs. If you just try and enjoy it, that helps. And as for the race for life, if you need to walk for a little of it don't worry, loads of people stop and start throughout it. You certainly wont be alone. A fast pace walk is as good as running for exercise. As long as your moving your doing great


The main thing is to do the runs, don't have too many days off or you will lose the momentum. Keep your running stuff at the ready, to slip on at a minute's notice, so you can be out the door before finding an excuse not to.

I was barely lifting my feet off the floor (still am.LOL!) but you get round. Then move on up. It's a great feeling to get to the next run. Blessed relief in fact!


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