Week 6 - Struggling

We were so elated at the end of week 5 we thought anything was possible.....until R1W6!

We both really struggled on Monday with the first run....our legs were sore and it took everything we had to complete it very slowly! We were pleased we made it but didn't have that good feeling at the end.

R2W6 we were determined but again the same problem....we really struggled to complete it both suffering with sore legs the only thing we can put it down to is the longer runs?!

Any suggestions on how we can motivate ourselves to keep going are greatly appreciated! We are both feeling deflated despite completing them it's become very hard work!


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  • Aha! The Surprising Difficulty of The Run After The Epic One ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fear not. Loads of people find this run difficult. We think it's something to do with all that confidence we feel after the previous run and we're probably running a tad fast because we think we're invincible!

    You both completed the runs so a big well done. Just carry on, maybe take an extra rest day between runs and go very, very slowly. You will both do this. Honest.

  • We are off again today on run 3! Hopefully it will be better than the rest! Thanks for the advice and hopefully we can post here later having completed the run! :)

  • Why not re-do the previous week a few times? We are all different and there is no rule that says you can't change it up a bit. Keep going you are doing great!

  • Hi Nori,

    Yes we have redone a few weeks....we will see how today goes and then decide! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  • Ah, pity you didn't see my post from that week before you started yours! I was warning anyone that had completed run 3 of week 5 to beware of week 6 as it may catch you out and lead to a massive reversal in confidence after successfully completing w5r3 and having confidence that was sky high.

    I think Irishprincess was correct in saying that after we've completed that first long run of 20 minutes we must somehow go into week 6 automatically thinking we are going to breeze it as it looks easy compared to a long 20 minute non-stop run. But it isn't as easy that, as a lot of us have found out! It (very) almost beat me as well. I can still feel the pain when I think of that run! :o

    Anyway, you did get through it and that's all that matters. Well done for that. Just carry on with the plan (that's what I did), as you are more than capable (just keep it slow and steady) of continuing without having to repeat anything.

    Good luck. :)

  • Thanks Lee! Yes I red your post afterwards which was a mistake as you would have given us the heads up! We will just have to keep going and hope for the best. Going out for the next run in 10mins! Wish us luck!

  • So, how was your next run? Did you take it slow and steady?

  • Hi Lee, Yes we completed it and it does seem easier to run all in one go than with the breaks which doesn't make sense!

    Did Run 1 week 7 yesterday and we made it!

  • Ah... You have my sympathy... I did see Lee's post, so I knew wk6 r1 was going to be hard. And it was. Very.

    Then I thought, having got through it, that run 2 would be OK.

    And it was HORRIBLE... I did it, but other than week one I think it's been the hardest so far, which is ridiculous give I did twenty minutes non stop without this level of struggle. No reason why two lots of ten minutes should be harder, given the breather in the middle, but everything hurt by the end, and I have never been so glad as when Laura said I could walk. That last five minutes went on forever! I've been home for nearly an hour now, and I feel like I've just about got my breath back!

    I'm was going to post about it separately, but wanted to let you know you are not alone... Week six is a trickster, lots of people have found it that way, but it seems we just have to keep going and trust the program...that is what others have done, and they have graduated. If they can, we can.. Good luck !

  • Hi Raven!

    Glad to see someone who is at the same level as us and yes we agree it was HORRIBLE!!! but we all did it! :)

    Off on Run 3 now....hopefully the rain holds off and we come back smiling! Good luck with your Week 3 run! let us know how you get on!

  • I think the only answer to the W6 problem is we all run it too fast thinking it should be easy after W5R3. W6R3 is a long run though, so hopefully you will enjoy that one more, I did. Good luck!

  • Thank you :) I'm not sure we are running any faster but we will try and keep it slow today!

  • Hope run 3 was ok for you? I found it tough, but I made it, just, and am glad wk 7 is a consolidation week.

  • Hi Yes we made it sorry very slowly but we made it! Yes nice that week 7 is more of the same! We did Run 1 yesterday and it was okay.....getting cold now though!

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