Did that just happen?

I can't really believe it... But at the ripe old age of 55 I made a new year resolution to run 5k whilst under the influence of several prosecco's and roars of laughter from my sons. I heard myself say oh so confidently how I would follow the plan and achieve it, deep down not really believing I'd get past week 1! I still think it's someone's else's voice shouting from the front door to my husband, "I'm going out for a run." This very morning I listened to Laura's words of encouragement and ran week 9, in fact over 6k, not very fast but it was steady, the birds were singing and I felt like I'd run a marathon.

So a big thank you to all of you, as I've been so encouraged by all the honest posts and hearing much of the same setbacks with highs n lows as I had experienced. I had serious thoughts of giving up and starting new plan... '5k to couch' !, but somehow I've graduated. I couldn't have done it without you all and will continue to read and see where journey takes me next.

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  • Well done! I feel the same about the shout of 'I'm going for a run'! Hoping to reach your stage in about five weeks!

  • Thank you and good luck if I can do it with my lead legs anyone can, let us know.

  • Which New Year did you promise this?! Aren't we only in week 5?!?! Well done!

  • Thank you, only this new year as I took a career break and had more time on my hands to focus on self, indulgent but so worth it. So I had opportunity to run on occasion more than three runs a week alongside starting aerobic classes my fitness improved and I felt able to progress a bit quicker. I've still got a long way to go and am going to start the 5k plus with Laura and try to build stamina and speed.

  • me too!

  • Really well done, congratulstions and welcome to the grads lounge :)

    This is just the start for you , good luck and most important of all enjoy your running where ever itvyakes you :)

  • Thank you Rob much appreciated and another first for me, I've never been invited into a graduate lounge!

  • Well done... you're a mere slip of a girl at 55!

    Absolutely brilliant! :)

    Keep posting and when you have basked in the glory...and maybe had a celebratory glass.. think Couch to 5 K+ it is so much fun!

  • Well done! We all have the capacity to surprise ourselves!

  • Congratulations!! You should feel very proud of yourself.

  • I love the fact that we can still give our sons something to think about! My son says he has n o idea where I get my energy from since starting this programme :-)

  • Congratulations !

  • Well done Bunnygirl. I'm 55 too and feel so much better now I'm running. 55 is the new 35 if you're friends with Laura eh!


    Congratulations on graduating.

  • Fantastic!! It is such a great feeling! I bet your sons are really proud of you!!

  • Awww well done Bunny, that's bloomin great! I am about to graduate in 2 runs time with my buddy Saul. It's so exciting. I can't believe that I have done what I have done so far. It's incredible.......to be able to run at all.............awesome!

    Elsie xxx

  • Congratulations. Amazing how this c25k gets a grip on us (and generally keeps us gripped). Don't forget to apply for your graduate badge.

  • Thank you Annie, yes I'd heard it mentioned that people get the 'running bug' think I may have caught it! How do you apply for grad badge?

  • Well done!

  • You did well. Congratulations

  • Well done! This website says you are only two miles from me maybe I'll see you out on a run! I, like you, can't believe I leave my husband in bed at 6am and go for a run!

  • Thank you, yes if you see a lady huffing and puffing thats me! I am aiming to do the Peterborough Parkrun at Ferry Meadows on Easter Saturday and will definatley be dragging hubby out early to cheer me on!

  • I'm in Deeping. You? Not sure i'll make the Park Run. If it is a Saturday without kids or grandkids staying/pitching up then i like to treat myself to a lay in!

  • Congratulations! My story was identical to yours, with hubby and offspring falling off their chairs laughing. Eleven months later, hubby and daughter were cheering my son and I over the finishing line on our first official 10K. Happy running, and kudos to you for your achievement!

  • Wow! good on you and progressing to 10K, did you use the podcast with Laura to progress you to 10K? I've been thinking about how I still feel the need for some guidance as to buidling my distance/speed etc especially as touch wood I've not acquired any injuries yet I want to make a steady progression. Any advise most welcome please.

  • I didn't use Laura's podcasts, I just did 5k three times a week then slowly stepped up on distance for one run each week whenever I felt ready to go a little further. Basically you shouldn't increase distance by any more that 10% per week.

    I've had a lot of positive feedback about the speed and stamina podcasts used once a week, and there are plenty of 10k training plans to be found online if you want a programme to follow. there are probably a few threads on the forum covering the different choices available.

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