Fit not Fat for 50: W5R3 DONE!! How did that happen to an overweight couch potato?

I ran outside round my local park for 20 minutes this morning and I have been grinning ever since! :-))

Well, I think it happened something like this, and here follows a few happy ramblings:

1. Put your mind to it. It's a case of putting one foot ahead of the other and trusting the plan.

2. No excuses. I've been determined to run 3 times a week (unless injured or ill) and I have stuck with it. I've run on holiday, when staying with friends, in the rain, with a slight cold, and yes even when I've met with negativity.

3. Blog and jog! This community is fantastically supportive and if you are new to it I'd really advise you to post up your successes and failures. THANK YOU so much to all of you who have encouraged me.

4. A few 'treats' along the way. These have included a new strong pink top to detract from my beetroot face :-)

5. A strange one this from someone who has shed 3.5 stones over the last nine months - throw away the scales and reach for the measuring tape or heart-rate monitor. I started interested in "fat', now I've shifted to being interested in "fit".

6. Believe in yourself. If I can get this far, aged 49 and a half, having started C25K as a bit of a fitness phobe who still carries about 2 extra stones....

Have a good running week everyone!


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25 Replies

  • Well done you, i find a start of the day run sets me up for the day makes my day more positive and im sure i walk around a bit more confident.

    Are you on the end of week 5 or are you just increasing your running yourself.

  • I really like running in the mornings - for me there's something about getting up and putting on running kit that just sort of commits you to that run!. Yes, I have just finished week 5 and plan so start week 6 on Thursday. I agree it's great for confidence too!

  • Woop woop, congrats on finishing week 5! :)

  • Feels like a milestone and I'm making more than a few woop woop noises here!

  • congratulations :)

    love the "blog & jog" ~ perhaps they should rename the forum!

  • He Hee that would be a bit of a giggle. Hope your running is going well - I can only dream of 10K let alone 10 miles at present, but gimme time... :-)

  • From another 49 and a half year old - well done and here's to week 6!!!

    Like you I've suddenly become interested in fitness, I just hope that I'm not boring all my friends with the running chat, which is why this place is so great - like minds and all that! :)

  • I'm keeping the running chat to a minimum with friends even when they ask - in particular I could be a real bore with the Garmin as I find all the information it gives you sad is that unless you're interested too! Luckily my OH is a runner (though off for physio for his knee today :-( ) and he is happy to talk. But I agree this place is really good. Hope your post-C25K running is going well.

  • Yes it's going well so far, did some interval training yesterday, went back to week 1 and very fast run/walked but decided that on next week's interval training will do fast run/jogging as I didn't feel I'd worked out enough (haha get me!).

    My OH is a runner too and he put the plan I'm working towards together, so I've got a 12 week plan going forward to get me to the Race for Life. Hope your OH's knee is ok.

    And I love my Garmin info too :)

  • 'Get you', indeed, that's fabulous :-))

  • Congratulations! 20 minutes... wow that sounds impossible still, so it's great to read about people conquering it!

  • I felt just the same a few weeks ago :-). If I had one tip for getting this far it would be: 'Pace yourself- don't go at it too fast'. Hope your running is going well :-)

  • Congratulations I'm a couple of years older than you but can identify with everything else you've said so it makes me think if you can do it maybe I can too!

  • Yes you can! It sounds a bit corny to say 'trust the programme' but I do and I don't go too fast or cut corners and it's going well so far. When my legs feel (a little) sore I just think - at least I'm working them!

  • wow well done an inspiration and helps me believe in myself

  • I think so much of this is self-belief - go for it!

  • Isn't the feeling at the end of your first 20 min run FANTASTIC? You tell yourself you'll never manage but, when you do, you just know nothing's gonna stop you ever again. Nothing except hills, that is (:->) Well done - keep on runnin'

  • Yes just a fantastic feeling - so now even mountains now look like molehills ;-) Hope you are enjoying you running

  • Agree totally with all the above.....but I found that my most emotional moment came when I'd had an enforced 4 week break due to illness (just after I'd done wk5 r2!). I came back feeling pretty flat and unsure of how much I could do, if anything, but tried wk5 r1 and did it - I cried at the end. And that was swiftly followed by successfully completing the dreaded run 3. The whole programme has taught me so much about determination, discipline, 'just getting out there and getting on with it' and overcoming setbacks. Oh, and I'm so much fitter too!!

    Tapira, you have done great - well done and keep going!!

  • Well done you! I cant wait to do the 20 mins. I'm 5 stone overweight so i still feel amazed that i can actually run for 5mins! Cant wait to hear more - keep blogging! x

  • Just to add that I'm 4 stone overweight but am now running 5k, 3 times a week, and steadily increasing time and distance (and hopefully decreasing girth and weight - but that's a bit slower to improve). I hope that's an encouragement if you ever feel you're never going to get to 30 mins running - cos if I can do it, anybody can!!

  • It's all a great encouragement juicydee! I haven't had any major set-backs such as illness and would dearly love to graduate in four weeks time.... but I know that if I don't I'll just take it down a peg and repeat some runs. It's great to hear of your success and tears of joy!

  • Thanks witchynic! In one way I found the step up to running for 5 minutes was actually harder than running for 20 minutes. I think it takes me 5 minutes of running for my lungs and muscles to 'get in their stride and open up' if that makes sense. And I am fitter now in week 5, no question. Well done for what you are achieving - stay determined. :->

  • you too sweetpea

  • That's a relief! I'm just going into week 5 and worrying how I'll manage 20 mins as 5 minutes was a big jump for me! Then again, so was three!

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