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Hi everyone, this time last year I celebrated my 50th Birthday by being a 17stone 9lb couch potato. This year I am celebrating my 51st birthday by being a 12stone fitness addict! I started by joining weightwatchers and doing a zumba class 2times a week. The weight fell off quite quickly and as I was nearing goal found myself needing incentive to A, keep going to to get to goal, and B, needed a new goal once I got to first goal! Some girls at work had signed up to do the Great South Run in October and in a mad minute I said that I would do it too!! Oh Heck!! My mouth always gets me in trouble! lol. Anyway a friend put me onto the Couch 2 5k site, I downloaded it onto my Iphone and I love it! I have just completed run1 on week 7 and am feeling so good. I re- ran week 1 twice as I overdid it by doing a run with some more established runners, and really paid the price, but since then I have religiously stuck to the programme even when we went away for the weekend. It is something you can fit in to your lifestyle really easily. Each run has left me feeling I could just run a little bit more.....but have stopped each time, done the stretches and looked forward to the next run. My only concern.... what comes next? The Great South run is 10miles, do I just run for longer each week? Building up in 5minute increments? Any advice greatfully recieved.


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16 Replies

  • Can't give you advice on running 10 miles (i'm only a week ahead of you) but WOW what an inspiration. Your blog proves if you want to do it enough you can. Good luck! :)

  • Thankyou AliB1 x

  • Gosh your blog is so great to read. I hope I will be 12 stone this time next year. I have tried ww recently but it doesnt seem to be working. :-(

    The endorphins certainly help lift your mood dont they? Do you find this?

    Hope you can support me as I have only just started.


  • I should have run yesterday Ally but after Zumba i was feeling a bit out of sorts, (funny tummy) i felt really guilty so did it today instead and feel sooo much better for it. Some weeks are hard, but you can always re-run them. Dont set your expectations too high, if you achieve the weekly targets , great, but if you dont, dont give yourself a hard time, just take a little bit longer, you will get there in the end because you want to, not because you have to,it has to be enjoyable, dont turn it into a chore. x

  • Hi Tattyanne,

    You've plenty of time to build towards the Great South Run and you can either increase you run each week by distance or time.

    If you want to keep up 3 runs a week most people recommend a bit of variety - you don't need to add the distance to all your runs. Maybe keep a weekend one to be a long slow run as you add distance to it and you can play around with the other 2.

    There's plenty more programmes out there, although personally I don't think there is anything as accessible to so many people as c25k and plenty of tips and advice on here once you get to week 9.

    One of my favourite things to do is run out from my house for 20mins, then try to run home faster..

    Well done on your progress so far!


  • Thankyou Paula, i'll certainly bear that in mind. X

  • Hi Tattyanne,

    Very well done Missus on getting to where you have. What a brilliant example. I had to lose 36 pounds (gave up sugar in all forms and used the Wii fit) before I started the C25k to keep the weight off and let me eat a little more without worrying I'd pile it all back on!

    Myself and a couple of others have done the Bridge to 10k (B210K) which I have the podcasts for on disc. If you message me your address I will send it to you foc. This gets you to 10k or one hour of running. Similar to the C25K it is on podcasts with a girl called Sami telling you when to walk and run. After five weeks you will be able to do 2x30 mins with a small break in the middle, which you can then join up to your own music to the one hour.

    Of course after that the sky is the limit, a certain other lady, name beginning with S and myself are now doing the Bupa 10 mile plan and we're nearly finished!!

    Carole C

  • Well done and thank you for sharing such an inspirational post. I've got maybe a stone and a half to lose and did my 2nd run of Week 2 yesterday.

  • :)

    Thankyou,keep at it,I am sure you will feel so proud of yourself. I never thought that I would be where I am today this time last year.x

  • well done hope i get to week 9 am sure i will lol x i have a stone to loose

  • What a lovely blog and so inspirational! I've heard the bridge to 10k is a good programme, maybe give that a go for a start?

    Well done on your amazing progress so far :D

  • Thankyou Rose, it means a lot that people take the time to read and comment on my post.x

  • Great post, well done! I'm on week 4 and loving it and you are an inspiration that I will make it to the end!!


  • I remember at about week 4 looking forward on the app and seeing that I had a long run with no stops at week 8 and thinking "oh heck, what have I commited myself to now!" But, I love it! It feels like such an achievement at the end of a run, I am really buzzin! Keep up the good work x

  • Wow, absolutely fantastic, well done!! Keep it up and Good Luck for progressing to the Great South Run

  • Thankyou everyone for taking the time to leave such lovely comments.It is lovely to feel the support from you all, I will definitely keep going xx

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