London Winter Run 10k

First of all I'd like to say thank you to everyone who posts on here, let me explain.... Six years ago, which was the last time I went to London I had a huge panic attack (prone to anxiety and depression) which left me virtually housebound for two years. C25k has been part of a long slow recovery process for me, gradually expanding my boundaries from the front door, into town, to an adjacent town. Gradually building confidence through my running. Parkrun has been a big help with this as a) it's local and b) I have to talk to people. Anyway, having done a couple of local 10ks and knowing that some C25kers were doing the London Winter Run I rather rashly entered and although I worried about it for weeks beforehand , today I am proud to be able to say that I drove to the station, got the train to London, ran the 10k despite a dodgy knee and feel a huge sense of achievement, not so much for the running but for the adventure. Sadly didn't manage to get to the C25k meet up but knowing they were all out there somewhere was a big help. (I did manage to spot one beyonder for a quick hello) Happy running everyone. Getting to the BM10k is now definitely looking doable.


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25 Replies

  • Well done Henpen! I hope you really enjoyed your day. Pity you didn't hook up with the C25kers but ne'er mind, you can catch em next time

    Great job! You should be very proud of yourself

  • Well done Henpen, great job x ☺

  • Wow, that is a mega achievement, well done for conquering your demons and nailing it today.. ✨✨✨

  • Oh, lovely post henpen and as someone who has also battled anxiety myself , I absolutely appreciate the journey you have come on. Glad you enjoyed the winter run - I hope to do it next year! How fantastic that running can have such a life changing impact on us. Good luck.


  • Well on the back of today's success I could be persuaded to do it again next year. Need C25k t-shirts so we can recognise each other though, there were SO many people !

  • Now that's a good idea....🙂

  • Very well done Henpen that's a big thing to travel to London and complete the LWR! I did it last year but travelled with company, doing it on your own is brilliant. I appreciate your struggle with anxiety and depression , I'm a fellow sufferer who last bad spell was 5 years ago, and the running has helped me cope now medication free for nearly 2 years. Congratulations and wear that lovely medal with pride!😆xxx

  • Wow well done you, what a story! I can identify with this so much. I had postnatal depression and didn't leave the house for about 18 months. Whilst I have recovered from most of the demons that are around me regarding anxiety and depression, I have to say C25K has challenged me so much on that front. I have found myself getting quite panicky and it's been a struggle to move on with it but I have and will graduate next Friday!

    You have done awesomely and you should be very very proud of yourself!

    Elsie xxx

  • Wow you are doing well coping with being panicky and still running. Hope ou have a fab graduation run.

  • Thank you! Stories like yours are so inspiring! xxx

  • Brilliant achievement Henpen!

    I certainly experienced the positive psychological effect of C25K and while the physical improvements from exercise are undeniable, not enough emphasis is placed on the increased positivity and mood enhancement resulting from pushing ourselves.

    Mens Sana in Corpore Sano!

  • Absolutely !

  • Henpen you absolute star ⭐️. Just got goosebumps reading your post. Well done, Sweetie, what you've achieved is wonderful. To fight your demons and win so emphatically is marvellous and life affirming. Go you!! You can do anything you want to after this.

    🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺 That's a 5 trumpet fanfare to mark your success xxx

  • Really well done helped :)

  • That's absolutely great henpen! Well done x

  • Congratulations, well done - that is no mean achievement. Glad you had. A good run too :-)

  • Wahey Hen , big hugs (((( ))))

    Well done on a fantastic achievement today xxx

    You took yourself right out of your comfort zone and took part and for that you should feel very very proud of yourself today, Missus !

    A very moving post with a happy ending , and YOU did it . Fab stuff Hen !

    Go you ! :-) xxx

  • Such a massive achievement. Be very proud of yourself ☺

  • Thanks everyone, knowing I was part of a bigger group (you lot) has definitely helped a lot the last couple of years.

  • Well done - that was one very crowded event to cope with.

  • I know ! But I didn't get overwhelmed. It was all fine.

  • Sorry we didn't get to meet up but well done on your run. You have come so far in so many ways, I admire your spirit. It was a great atmosphere today even though it was a bit wet. Happy running as always.

  • Congratulations! Well done! As a sufferer of anxiety and depression myself, I know that it can be so hard to do anything sometimes, let alone something so huge! But you've done it and you have so much to be proud of yourself for. You're an inspiration to other sufferers. Well done!

  • Wow! Well done you. That's amazing. Yiu must be so proud of yourself. Fantastic xxx

  • That's brilliant HP, well done you, you must be very proud of yourself xx

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