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Great Scottish Run 10k

Hi All,

I haven`t posted in a while but I just wanted to say a big thankyou to C25K.

Yesterday I completed my first 10k, with a PB of 1h 28m 49s. ( I know, tortoise :) )

My target was to get under 1h 30m so I`m really chuffed.

The start of the run is a long climb up Vincent Street in Glasgow, absolutely brutal.

The rest of the route was fine, just a few wee sneaky hills.

The people in Glasgow were brilliant and the other pink runners were great, some typical Glasgow humour was had :)

I can`t believe I struggled to run for 60 second intervals, just 18 months or so ago.

To everyone working their way through the programme, I`d like to say stick with it: it works :)

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Well done that's great.

I was going to enter this 10k but found out there was one in Inverness last weekend so did that instead. And after seeing the photo of the start I'm glad I didn't!

This was my first 10 k too and did it in 1h 17m which I was pleased with. There's a half marathon in March which I am considering doing.

I also cannot believe how I have progressed with this programme, it really is amazing. When I started I could hardly run for a minute without feeling like I was going to collapse. Now I actually enjoy going out for a run and I'm now trying to work on my speed.


> There's a half marathon in March which I am considering doing.

Do you mean you're thinking of doing the Inverness Half? Me too, I'm looking forward to it already! I've run HM distances in my long, slow runs, but never at any decent pace.


Whoa! Steady on Swanscot! I was thinking 10k lol.

It`s a big jump from 6 to 13 miles.

I`m still feeling chuffed with 10k, my longest is 8 miles.

Never say never though :)



That reply is to Alex who spoke about doing a half marathon. We'll see you the following year.. :-)


Ooops, :)


They were handing out leaflets about the Inverness HM in Glasgow yesterday. Might think about it.


Yeah, I'm thinking about it. Furthest I've ran is 10k but as it's 6 months away I figure I have time to prepare - I hope! I've had a look at a couple of half marathon training plans which seem reasonable enough to follow so I think I'll go for it.


I`d be delighted with your time Alex.

I`d love to do the Inverness one, It`s a lovely wee town..

Think I`ll make a weekend of it next year.

Is it very scenic? Hilly?


The Baxters River Ness 10K is great. It's a fast course, being mainly flat or downhill after an initial very minor uphill bittie. The start is a little congested with 2800 people in a narrow street, but if you place yourself well at your expected time, it's not really a problem. I managed to get right in with others all going at my pace. It's a nice route and had lots of spectator support too.

You can see the profile of the run on my Garmin page here:


Ha! That`s more like it. I`ve saved it on my Garmin.

Maybe see you there :)


Well done. Great pity we didn't think about a C25k get together or a team. I think there were at least 4 of us.


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