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Week 5 run 3 what a surprise

This run was a total shock and surprise. I was so used to the walk run sandwich that to do one run of 20 minutes almost had me turning around and heading back to bed. As it was I was already out the door and doing the warm up walk so off I went.

It wasn't as bad as I thought. I did it. 20 minutes non stop. Ok so my calf muscle started to hurt and my knee started to go. I finished the run in a weird running, stumbling style but I finished it. Yay!!

This was definitely a mind over matter run. I really must find a more interesting route to help take my mind of the time.

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i use the app and have michael johnstone as my coach, for that run he said " the difference between the 10mins of the previous run and the 20 youre gonna do, is all in the head". The plan had built you up to do it physically . Each time ive had to jump up, i think ive made it easier for myself by not over thinking the time and just get on with the running


Thank you that's sound advice :-)


Well done - completed the same run this morning - wasn't bad at all!


Distraction is the name of the game... well done you..keep it slow and keep it steady :)


Thank you everyone :-)


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