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Week 4 done. Second parkrun done

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Just done my second parkrun. Was meant to be following the last run in week for but was out of sync with everyone else. So just kept running until I needed to stop.

I ran a lot more than usual. My app finished the session about a third of the way through, so had to power through.

Hubby and our pup were walking down towards the finish line and once I spotted them, it gave me that last bit of strength to carry on.

Back to following the instructions on Monday though. Shaved around ten mins odd my last first time and I wasn’t last! Yay!

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Not sure what to say. The plan is structured to minimise injury risk... pushing beyond the 5 minutes was a risk... and then carrying on amplified it. I’d advise being careful... it’s better to finish the plan than nurse an injury for months and have to start over.

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I did my last run of the week in ParkRun from week 2 too. Then jogged as much as I could. By week 7 I could run the lot. Keep up the good work 👌🏽

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LittleLath in reply to Tasha99

Thanks Tasha

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It looks lovely there. We had thick fog for the first half hour! Well done! My husband marshalled and shouted encouragement at the top of the hilly bit!

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LittleLath in reply to Ang33333

Was he at Sutton Park by the Jamboree or at the top of the hill of doom?

Looks a lovely venue, well done

It’s gorgeous x

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