Week 4 - HELP

I am on Week 4, I did run 1 and really struggled. I was fine (almost) for the first half but had to give up half way through the second 3minute run. I walked for a while and then managed to complete the final 5 minute run. I am struggling with strain on lower inside leg which is not helping. I did this run last Friday and haven't run since (now Tuesday). I am seriously having problems getting motivated. Should I try again with Week 4 or go back and do some more of week 3! It doesn't seem to be so much my legs as my breathing/stamina.


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  • My hardest run of c25k was the one after a 5 day break. I managed it but I knew it was the gap that made it difficult. I wasn't fit enough to have that much of a break; it couldn't be helped but made me realise I personally had to keep the runs with no more than 2 days between them. Not sure about your leg strain so don't want to advise on that but running is a lot of 'mind over matter'. Stick with week 4. I don't think going back would help - you can run for five minutes after all. If your leg continues to hurt, maybe get it checked out - but others who have had similar problems might be able to help there.

    You can always do an extra week 4 run or two until you feel comfortable. Take heart though from others - every week is a challenge. I was delighted when I could run 3 minutes/ 5 minutes, didn't think I could do 20 minutes and so on but now 10 days after finishing it I ran yesterday for 38 minutes and completed 5.7k. If your leg really isn't the problem, and you're not in any pain with your breathing, then keep going!

  • Thanks, I am going away for a few days and will pick up again when I get back, might do one week 3 run and then get back to week 4.

  • I agree with the answer above, but would add that if it's your breathing and stamina that's giving you grief, you're probably going off too fast. Slow and steady is the way forward, and you will be going forwards even if you don't feel like you're going forwards very quickly.

  • I've just finished week 4 and I found pace to be critical in my ability to finish. My running pace was about the same as my brisk walking pace (confirmed by my Garmin!), but the 'runs' were definitely more strenuous. I would recommend really slowing down and focusing on finishing. I'd give it another try, you can always do it a few times until you feel comfortable. I finished all 3 runs of week 4, but barely (I'm on to week 5 tomorrow...so we will see). Good luck!

  • I agree with all the above, especially about slowing your pace down so you have the energy to complete it. It really doesn't matter how slow your jog is as you are building stamina and endurance at this point, not speed, which will come later.

    I have found that with regards to leg pain, I will do extra walking in the cool down walk. I probably walk another 5 minutes and then I do my yoga type stretches religiously as I have found this really helps me.

    I wouldn't return to week 3, after all you have managed to run for 5 minutes and this shows you can do it. I would perhaps do each run in the week twice before moving on as this might allow you to feel more confident as you approach the next stage in the plan.

    Congratulations in getting to week 4 in the plan. You are doing so well. Keep going as all the benefits are yet to come in just a few weeks!

  • I can only agree with all the above but particularly agree with Kickibro about doing a couple of extra week 4 sessions until you feel more comfortable. If you continue to have trouble with breathing then maybe get checked out by a doctor but, if its only started with the week 4 run then probably nothing to worry about. I would also agree that yoga (or Pilates) would be good to do on your rest days - it goes well with this programme and really loosens you up. Well done to have got this far, good luck with your next run and very best wishes.

  • Sometimes I think the mind struggle is a harder one to tackle than the physical! I have moments where I groan inwardly and think I can't keep going and then I focus and realise it's not my legs it's me!! That said, I'd agree with the slow and steady and finding a breathing rhythm that is comfortable and that you can sustain. I can't run to the podcast music, it's too whizzy for me, I actually like running to something called Bonobo that my daughters listen to, it's slow but rhythmical. Or I count my strides over and over which sounds weird or I might sing a song in my head, all distractions to stop the inner groaning. The other thing that really helps is finding a running buddy or a local group. Don't give up, we all struggle. I hadn't run for a week and I forced myself out yesterday and ran with gritted teeth but then I really enjoyed my dinner and today I feel all bouncy! All the best.

  • P.s. Inside leg strain sounds a bit odd. Have you consulted physio/ GP/running shop? You could try gait analysis to see if your running style is not helpful.

  • Thanks Annie, I think you are right with the mind struggle. Re my leg, I think I may need new trainers.

  • I bought some new trainers in a sale before Christmas and they have made a huge difference. I only realised how much the other day when I wore the old ones again and came back from my run in agony!

  • Just done first run of week four, it is a lot more work than week three, however it is, as others have said a matter of pace, you can do it

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