Week 8 Run 1 and a weird rash!!!!

Week 8 Run 1 and a weird rash!!!!

Hi folks,

That's that one done. I have to say I wasn't sure I was going to get through it to be honest, having said that I never think I am ever going to get through them!!! I DID 5K.........whoop! I can't believe it. Some of it was walking though so not completely running it all.

I won't get my next one in until Thursday as I am off to Essex tomorrow for a couple of days, my other son has a uni interview.

I am having a really weird issue with a strange rash on my shins. Any ideas? I'd post a pic but it won't show up on my camera. From what I've read its a histamine issue but it's a bit of a bugger!!!! It's not itching but is really red and blotchy! If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it!


Elsie xxx

* How did you get on Saul? x


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15 Replies

  • Well done Elsie, now the fun begins!

  • Why thank you! x

  • Well done Elsie, you ran further than I did today! feels great going over the 5k barrier doesn't it? It's a big psychological barrier out of the way, knowing you can now do 5k!

    I completed mine as well, posted up just now.

    I think you have probably suffered from heat rash. Which uni has he applied for?

  • Yeh I think it's heat rash! So weird as I wore shorter trousers so there was no material touching it! Never mind I'll live!!!

    He has applied to Essex Uni just outside Colchester so working until 2pm and off for a lovely 4.5 hour drive after that. I think I'll sleep well tomorrow night! I'm going to take my running gear in case I can get out for a cheeky one while he's doing his thing!!!

    I'll go have a look at yours now! :-)


  • 5k! Bet that feels good. No idea about the rash Elsie, sorry. Hope it clears up quickly.

  • Brilliant Elsie , you are going great guns , Yay !

    I sometimes get an itchy rash on my shins, mines caused by dry skin. I always rub some coconut oil on them when they start flaring up, works a treat ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP that's helpful! I've just bathed them in aloe vera! I looked up symptoms and it could be exercise induced vasculitis! Boooo! Oh well whatever it is it won't stop me graduating!!!!!! Haha! I'll worry about it later!

    I will get some coconut oil too and see if that works!

    E xxx :-)

  • Exercise induced vasculitis - Wow, thats mad isnt it ? Fancy that !

    I am sure nothing is going to stop you Elsie, youre an unstoppable force ! :-)

    Hope it settles down soon xxx

  • I must admit I did laugh to myself! You can't bloody win can you? I beat cancer so I'm not going to let spotty legs stop me! ;-) xxx

  • Ha ha , Brilliant ! Youre made of strong stuff Elsie xxx

  • Go Elsie. Fab run. Well done you. :)

  • Well done - feels great to do that first 5k doesn't it!

  • Heat rash...causing irritation from your leggings??? Maybe warm weather on the way... VERY unlikely...Ha ha!

    Seriously.. sounds odd...maybe try an antihistamine cream.. or good old Calamine lotion! :)

  • Hi Elsie. I'm doing my w8r1 tonight so I'm almost caught up with you. Essex Uni has a beautiful campus to run on but it's a bit hilly. If you drive into Wivenhoe a little further you can run the Wivenhoe Trail (a mix of pavement and dirt). I live in Colchester and that is one of my favourite haunts. Good luck to your son!

  • Well done on your run, we're nearly there hey?

    We are staying in the Rose and Crown which is very nice, just stuffed a huge burger.........whoops.

    I think I'm going to be roped into going to the talks tomorrow so might not get to run!

    Let me know how you go with the next one, I think mine will be Thursday if not tomorrow!

    Elsie xxx

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